Renting The Best Tent For a Wedding

Formal occasions such as weddings, bar/bat Mitzvahs, and corporate meetings call for the right venue. Weddings are commonly done in churches, and their receptions may be in a nearby banquet hall. Bar/bat Mitzvahs are often done in one’s synagogue, and office employees may meet at a convention center. There is another route, however, and that is rent rentals. Why tent rentals? Leisurely and fun events such as weddings or bar/bat Mitzvahs often take place outside when the weather is fair, such as in spring or early autumn. It is more popular than ever to have a wedding ceremony (and the wedding lunch or dinner) outdoors. This involves more than a patch of grass, however. Tent rentals are the best way to put a roof over everyone’s heads, and this is in addition to getting wedding linen rental, table rentals, and more. For an outdoor wedding, it is often a strategic choice to rent such materials, and tent rentals can get the job done for a fair price. Where to start?

Tent Rentals and Linen

On the topic of weddings, tent rentals can be very relevant. For a reception meal in particular, tent rentals are essential for having at least a limited sense of being indoors, as it may be uncomfortable to eat in the bare sunlight. Therefore, brides and grooms, and the wedding party in general, can choose to find local tent rental companies. Such companies are not offering mere camping tents; rather, these are large tents that can accommodate many people at once, and that is ideal for weddings. Buying such a tent may be impractical for the bride and groom, so rental is the typical route.

Wedding budgets vary, but a bride and groom who know what they are doing can certainly find such tents for a fair price and work it into their wedding budget. It may be noted that some parts of the United States are more popular for tents and outdoor weddings than others. States such as Hawaii are known for their casual and outdoor weddings, while other areas such as New York and New Jersey favor indoor, black tie weddings with high formality. For an outdoor wedding, there are some factors to juggle just like with an indoor wedding and reception, which influences which tent will be rented.

The guest list is a fine place to start. The simple number of people attending the wedding affects the seating arrangements and needs for the ceremony and the meal alike, whether indoors or outdoors. Indoors, guests often have seating in a house of worship and have the reception elsewhere, but a tent may contain both services. Brides and grooms may opt to have round or square tables under the tent for both events, and this can open up more space for walking. The right size, shape, and number of tables can be chosen and rented, along with their chairs, and the wedding party can figure out their arrangement. Of course, this must include enough room for walking between the tables and sliding chairs in and out. Tables and chairs alike can be rented for the big day.

The final arrangement of tables and chairs will determine how much square footage will be needed for the tent, and this is one of the key factors for tent rentals. Brides and grooms can explore their options at such companies, and choose a tent that is just the right size (or perhaps a little larger if need be). A too-small tent can’t hold everyone, and a too-large tent is wasted money. Finally, a tent should be checked in person to ensure that it is clean and does not have any rips, tears, or other unwelcome surprises.

The final selection for the number, size, and shape of all tables can also help the bride and groom figure out their linen rentals needs. These tables should not be bare; rather, the wedding party may choose among different colors, materials, and textures for the table linens. The tables can be measured as necessary, and this information will be used to decide which pieces of linens to rent. And if some tables are different from the others, all the information should be kept carefully so that the wrong linens are not rented by mistake.

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