Tips for Creating a Unique Floral Gift

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Flowers have always been a symbol of love, care, and thoughtfulness. We give flowers and other floral arrangements to those we care about. It sends them a message that we are thinking about them. Whether we choose to send flowers for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, send your loved one a unique floral gift. There are many options available when it comes to flower delivery services. With the right amount of thought and planning, you can be sure that your loved one will appreciate the specialty floral arrangements.

Design a basket around a favorite flower

Most people have a preferred flower. It may be the color, smell, or the meaning behind it. When you are selecting the specific flower gift you will send to your loved one, always keep in mind their preferred and favorite flowers. Creating a basket or floral arrangement with their favorite flowers, rather than the best selling flowers will show them how much you care about them. The floral arrangement will also be more of a personal gift, showing the recipient that you pay attention to their desires.

Deliver flowers on a special occasion

Receiving flowers as a gift is enjoyable. Receiving flowers via delivery adds an element of surprise and excitement to the gift. Flower deliver services can be sent to the recipient?s house, school, or work. For a few moments, they feel special and have the ability to share the beauty of their anniversary flowers with others.

Consider sending flowers on any special occasion. It can be Mother?s Day, Valentine?s Day, Sweetest Day, anniversary, or just to show them you are thinking of them. If arranging a delivery on a special holiday, plan ahead, as flower deliveries tend to increase on these holidays. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, 66% of those celebrating Mother?s Day will buy mom flowers, spending an estimated $2.4 billion in 2016.

Send flowers on non traditional holidays

It can be an even bigger surprise when you surprise your loved one with a floral arrangement on a non traditional day. Perhaps your loved one received a promotion at work, or your daughter had a stellar report card. Your local florist can help you create the perfect floral arrangement, based on the celebration. You do not have to wait until Valentine?s Day to send someone a floral arrangement.

Send fruit basket arrangements

Fruit basket arrangements are a unique alternative to floral arrangements. They are a great option for those recipients who may be allergic to flowers, or who do not prefer to have flowers in their house. You have the same customization ability with fruit basket arrangements as you do with floral arrangements. Work with the local florist on creating a unique basket that contains all of your loved one?s favorite fruits and vegetables. The bright colors of the fruit often result in the same excited reaction of a bouquet of flowers.

Remember yourself

A large percentage of the population enjoys receiving flowers. A larger percentage of people enjoy fresh flowers throughout the house. You do not have to wait for someone to send you a floral arrangement to enjoy a nice smelling bouquet or arrangement of flowers. In fact, many of the flowers purchased every year are purchased for the self. Approximately 63% of flowers are purchased for oneself, and 37% of flowers are purchased as gifts. Additionally, about 15% of American women will send themselves flowers on February 14. If you want flowers, purchase them for yourself. If you want a brightly colored fruit basket arrangement, purchase one. No one quite knows your preferences as you do, after all.

Flowers are one of the most common gifts among couples and loved ones. They represent much more than romantic love, but are common among anniversary and Valentine?s Day celebrations. When selecting the floral arrangement for your loved one, always keep their likes and dislikes in mind. Choose floral arrangements or fruit basket arrangements that will look nice in their home. Consider adding excitement to the gift with a public delivery. Also, remember that there is nothing wrong with purchasing yourself a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

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