The Secrets Behind Buying Quality Sheets

Green crib sheets

There is an important part of our daily — and nightly — lives that many of us take for granted. That part is the bed, and for that matter, whatever goes with it. The most basic part of keeping your mattress clean and in shape is a good set of sheets. Sheets often serve as the first line of defense against damage to your mattress. For that matter, they’re what make going to sleep so comfortable. A good set of clean, crisp sheets can make what would have been an uncomfortable night of sleep a great one. The thing about sheets and mattress protectors, however, is that the kind that you need can be very specific to who exactly is using them. Often times, you’ll find yourself using sheets that are not right for the person sleeping upon them, which results not only in a poor night’s sleep but wasted money. Let’s look into the types of sheets available, and how you can care for your sheets properly.

The Waterproof Mattress Protector: Ensuring A Dry Bed

A waterproof mattress protector is probably something you should be aware of if you have young children, children with bed wetting issues, or if you’re caring for someone with severe illness or injury. There are many reasons why you might need a waterproof mattress protector; but using a waterproof mattress protector doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort for practicality. There are a number of different types of waterproof fitted sheets on the market. Baby waterproof sheets are perfect for babies in cribs, while there are also waterproof fitted sheets available for twin and double beds. Waterproof fitted sheets simulate the comfort level of normal sheets, while at the same time protecting the mattress from any potential accidents. They also can be discreet, allowing a child to use them without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. This is very important for the sake of a child’s confidence levels. The last thing you would want is for your child’s self esteem to be damaged by something that is often out of his or her control. At the same, it’s important that his or her mattress isn’t ruined, as they tend to be on the expensive side. So whether you’re looking for waterproof sheets for baby or for an older child, know that there are certainly many different options available.

Scented Sheets: The Extra Touch

Scented sheets may not immediately strike you as an option — but they certainly are, and they’re growing in popularity for a reason. You can keep your sheets scented through specific kinds of laundry detergent. Furthermore, you can also keep your sheets scented by keeping them in linen closets along with certain types of laundry sheets. Of course, there are different options open for those who want to keep their sheets smelling nice and clean. There are many benefits to fresh-smelling scents. It’s estimated that about 78% of Americans prefer to go to sleep on fresh-smelling sheets, while three-quarters of people have a better night’s sleep on sheets that smell nice.

Light Sheets Versus Heavy Sheets: The Difference

There’s a big difference between heavy sheets and lighter sheets. Heavier sheets are often more durable; a more durable linen is usually percale with a thread count of 200 to 800. By contrast, lighter sheets, stay around the 490 thread count range. The 800 thread count will naturally feel a good bit heavier. What is that thread count based on? A thread count is based on the amount of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. These threads are woven horizontally, or “weft”, and vertically, or “warp”. The thread count is increased when threads are woven into the weft threads. The most important difference you’ll notice in a thread count is how it feels.

At the end of the day, the kinds of sheets you choose are up to your specific wants and needs. You’ll be happy then that you’ve done your research ahead of time!

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