Not Your Typical Ranch Why Luxury Ranches Are Trending

Working cattle ranches for sale

When most people think of ranches, places like Neverland Ranch usually do not come to mind. The property, once owned by the late Michael Jackson, is currently on the market for $100 million. It has been renamed and no longer goes by the name given to it by the king of pop, it is now know as the Sycamore Valley Ranch.

The property and former amusement park includes a 12,000 square foot home on 2,700 acres of land. Land with a price tag such as this is not the first time to be seen on the market. In 1988, Ted Turner bought the more than 100,000 acre Flying D Ranch for $20 million.

States across the nation are experiencing noticeable changed in population and the land in those states are changing too. Montana, for example, is expected to increase its population up to 14% by 2043. For this reason and more, conservation easements are placed on many properties. These limitations are put on properties in order to preserve the resources on the land.

While the Sycamore Valley Ranch does not possess cattle like many typical ranch properties, it did at one point include a zoo. Cattle ranches for sale can be found all over the nation by both owners and real estate agents alike. Luxury ranches for sale can be found in mostly western states including Oklahoma, Montana and California.

With the employment for farmers, ranchers and other jobs within the agricultural industry expected to decrease by 2% by 2024, many ranch estates for sale like Sycamore Valley Ranch are being bought and re-purposed for leisure activities. Luxury properties such as the ones mentioned above are many times used for just that reason, luxury. They are also purchased for the sheer amount of space and privacy they offer. With acres upon acres of land, owners have the ability to do virtually anything they want without complaints from nearby neighbors.

Luxury does not always mean big or large amounts of something, but the quality in which something is made or designed. Although many ranch properties have large homes associated with them, others may contain a smaller or average size home complete with luxury finishes like exquisite landscape and architectural designs to compliment the natural beauty of the land itself.

When searching for your new property, consider buying luxury ranch real estate. Make it your own.

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