The Importance Of Properly Organizing Your Crafting Space

Crafting and the implementation of crafting projects have become widespread all through the entirety of the United States. Back in 2010, surveys around the country showed that only just over fifty five percent of all households regularly participated in crafting activities. In the less than ten years since then, that percentage has jumped up considerably. Current data now shows that around sixty three percent of all households craft to some extent, even if it is just on the occasional basis. The crafting population is primarily women between the ages of thirty five and fifty four, who make up the majority of all crafters in the country at thirty seven percent. Thirty five percent of all crafters in the United States are between the ages of eighteen and thirty four (the youngest of all crafters) and senior citizens (those who are older than the age of fifty five) make up only just twenty eight percent or so of all crafters. There are many different popular crafts as well, from more than twenty million quilters to scrapbookers and those who have taken up knitting or crocheting.

Crafting has become so popular and widespread for a number of reasons. For one, many people use it as a way to relax after a long day of work (or just a long day in general). This is because crafting has actually been found in a number of studies to release dopamine in the brain, a chemical that promotes both calm and happiness. This dopamine means that crafting projects can even be used as a supplemental treatment for mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. In a study done on people diagnosed with depression, it was found that feelings of happiness increased after a crafting activity (in this specific case, knitting) was done.

Many types of crafting have also become viable careers, especially for those working at home. The advent and growth of sites such as Etsy have provided a platform for crafters to sell their wares. With thousands of people using Etsy every single day, as survey conducted by the site found that more than seventy percent of all crafters selling their products on the site considered their Etsy shops to be businesses instead of mere hobbies or past times. As nearly one hundred percent (ninety seven percent, to be exact) work from home, the need for a crafting space and organizational tools has become more of a necessity than ever before.

From home storage organization to scrapbook storage drawers, organizing your craft space can even be considered key to your crafting success – and, in many cases, the success of your crafting business. Though the average home in the United States has tripled in size in the past fifty years, according to a study conducted by NPR, many crafters find themselves without much space for their crafting activities. This is where home storage furniture can be hugely instrumental, as home storage furniture, such as a file bench, provides not only form but function, making it easier to make the most of a small space. Stacking storage cubes are also used and are a popular storage choice for the flexibility they have – able to be easily moved around and stacked in various combinations. Home storage furniture can also double as multifunctional furniture for small apartments, having a use both in and out of the craft room.

Home storage organization is key for you success as a crafter, but home storage organization will look different from home to home. For some, home storage organization in a crafting room will make use of all the space necessary, implementing furniture for small spaces and even hanging craft organizers. However, in another space, home storage organization may also include closet organizer and a stackable cube organizer. But no matter what you home storage organization entails, it is important to keep your work spaces as need and orderly as possible, especially if your crafting projects generate a considerable portion of your income, if not all of it.

Home storage organization will be a range and easily adaptable to different home environments.

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