Taking A Closer Look At The Many Benefits Of Sending Your Child To A Private Elementary School Here In The United States

There is no doubt about it that getting a good education is important, from the time that a child enters a school system to the time that they leave it, around 12 years later. For many children, a good education early on in lie is ideal for success later on, as such children often have a better grasp of necessary skills than children who get a less well rounded education. One great way to ensure that your child’s schooling is nothing but the best is to consider a private school education, whether or not you are actually religious (as many private schools found here in the United States have been set up through religious institutions, such as the Catholic church).

And private schools have become more popular and commonplace than ever before, so much so that they even actually make up as much as 25% of all schools found here in the United States alone, let alone in other parts of the world. From the best private elementary schools to day cares to the best private high schools, there is likely a high quality school near you – or at least close enough to send your children to without too much of a commute back and forth.

But what, exactly, are the many benefits of a private educations, such as private elementary schools versus public ones? For one thing, private schools such as private elementary schools tend to be much smaller than public schools in the same area, which can make it much simpler for the children who need it to receive individualized attention as is necessary. In fact, with just over two and a half million children enrolled in private elementary schools in the United States (as of the year of 2016, though this number is likely to be relatively the same just a few years later), it’s likely that most elementary schools that are private are likely to have relatively small class sizes, allowing for many positive benefits.

A greater sense of community is one of them, especially when the students enrolled in such elementary schools are also members of the religious community surrounding it as well (though, of course, this is certainly not the case for all elementary schools – even all private elementary schools, as a matter of fact – throughout the United States). And this sense of community and more individualized attention create a much deeper sense of student engagement. In fact, private schools teachers have overwhelmingly reported that engagement and attention on the behalf of the students is not a problem, while more than 20% of all public school teachers say that it is.

Engagement among the parent community is also much better at private schools (like private elementary schools but at private high schools as well) than at public schools. In fact, still less than 5% of all private school teachers have deemed that a lack of parent involved is an issue. However, their counterparts, public school teachers, have found issue with it much more frequently – around one fifth of the time, if not even slightly more than that.

And the benefits of a private school education extend into high school as well. For instance, guidance counselors at private schools are much more able to devote their time to matters of college preparedness than public school high school guidance teachers are. Unfortunately, the average public school guidance counselor is typically only able to devote just over 20% of their time to discussing matters related to college with their caseload of students. Private school guidance counselors, the other hand, can often dedicate as much as 55% of their time to such matters, allowing their students to become as ready for college as is humanly possible here in the United States, something that is incredibly crucial for the futures of many.

All in all, there are many great benefits to sending your kids to private schools, from private elementary schools to private high schools, no matter where you might be located here in the United States.

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