Behind The Prevalence Of Quilting Here In The United States

Crafting has become more popular of an endeavor than ever before here in the United States, this is simply a matter of fact. In fact, more than 60% of all homes and households here in the United States now have at least one person who enjoys crafting to some extent. Crafting can be done for a number of reasons – for stress relief, for a hobby, or even as a part of a business.

And crafting comes in all shapes and sizes, from embroidery to knitting to scrapbooking. Quilting, for example, is one incredibly popular type of crafting here in the United States, with more than 20 million people participating in various types of quilting all throughout the country, a number that has been consistently on the rise over the course of the years. But quilting certainly does not look the same for everyone, as there are a number of different types of quilting out there that people like to partake in.

Traditional quilting, for example, is by and large one of the most popular methods of quilting out there in the world. In fact, more than 80% of those who consider themselves to be dedicated quilters would also consider themselves to be traditionalists when it comes to quilting as well. But aside from traditional methods and styles of quilting, art quilting is also prominent in the world of quilting, currently accepted and enjoyed by more than 35% of all quilters here in the United States. And other, more modern, quilting styles are still very popular, used by nearly the same percentage of those who participate in and enjoy art quilting.

And quilting has an incredibly long history both here in the United States and quite far outside of it as well. In fact, the oldest quilt has been dated to some point between the years of 1360 and 1400 and is known as the Tristan quilt. Quilting as a common practice can be linked back to the year of 3400 B.C. Ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations also frequently utilized quilting, stitching together three distinct layers (typically a top, a backing, and batting in the middle for what was often much needed warmth). Stitching it together, much as it does today, helped the blanket to retain its form and kept that internal material from slipping around and clumping up inside of the top layer and the backing.

Quilting also have a significance in more modern times as well, such as can be seen in the creation of the AIDS quilt. The AIDS epidemic here in the United States was certainly nothing if not utterly tragic, taking millions of lives before a viable treatment for aids was made widely available to sufferers all throughout the country. The AIDS quilt was a memorial quilt to those who had been lost to the epidemic and it was so expansive that it actually weighed as much as 54 tons.

For quilt makers of today, the custom tee shirt quilt has become commonplace and popular here in the United States. Like the custom tee shirt quilt, quilts like a custom memory quilt or handmade quilts made from elements of clothing (like the custom tee shirt quirt is) are relatively easy to make and can a huge emotional significance to whoever the recipient of the quilt might be. For instance, such a custom quilt as the custom tee shirt quilt is likely to be a popular quilt for kids who are going away to college, giving them a piece of home and their childhood to take with them.

The custom tee shirt quilt can also be used as a bereavement quilt of sorts, combining many of the artifacts of a lost loved ones life in the form of various articles of clothing. For a spouse or even the children of the person who has passed on, a custom tee shirt quilt can be an ideal way to remember them for many years to come. And memory quilt makers know that the custom tee shirt quilt can actually go quite a long way for someone’s grieving process as a whole.

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