Solving the Substance Abuse Problem

Adderall addiction

Too often we see completely capable and well-functioning individuals with promising futures ahead of them fall victim to drug use and addiction. It can be any number of things that leads them down this destructive path, but the most important thing to remember is that that addiction is a sickness that they very well may be past the point of having any control over whatsoever. Finding the right addiction treatment can be tricky, as one course of action that works for one person may not be so productive for someone else.

Different addiction treatments for different people

Not only do different people react in different ways to different treatments, but sometimes the substance that they are addicted to can also play a part in trying to find the suitable addiction treatment. Whatever the case may be, persistence, structure, love, and support is often a good and effective combination of approach tactics. Getting a person into an addiction treatment program is just the first of many steps that will need to occur in order to see success on the other side. In some cases it might be wise to seek out new or alternative forms of drug treatment or rehabilitation.

The face of addiction over time

Many people are familiar with the memes and visual comparisons using the faces of drug users placed side by side with a shot of the same person after a period of time on a certain drug. There is no denying the effects that illicit drugs have on people, and sometimes it takes friends and family members by surprise. The person they once knew is a shell of who they once were, and it can be difficult for someone who has never been an addict to understand just how severely that addiction takes over. The addict does not necessarily see the immense change that others might. And if it is apparent to him or her, it is often not a strong enough factor to get them started on kicking their habit. But the individual face of the addict is not the only thing that has changed over time.

Every single day, about 100 people lose the battle with their addiction, and lose their lives to drug overdoses. Over the course of the last 20 years, that rate has tripled. Drugs change as technology changes, and addictions grow and spread through neighborhoods. The understanding of medicine also changes over time, but that does not mean that doctors, scientists, pharmacists, and other specialists know everything that there is to know about a drug or substance when it first comes into existence. The perfect example would be to take a look at the origins of diamorphine. Diamorphine was first made in 1874 as a Bayer A.G. product. It is better known today as heroin.

How an ibogaine addiction treatment facility could help

There are facilities that help addicts to recover, and these recovery centers have a wide range of methods and techniques to help each individual make their way back to the normal, functioning life that they want. One such facility uses another drug to counteract that which the individual is hooked on. Ibogaine is a natural substance, found in plants, that when used can help counter the cravings for other drugs. It is psychedelic in nature, which is actually one of the appealing factors to some addicts, but the substance has dissociative properties, which can lead to a substantial reduction in cravings for the drug that is the cause of the addiction. This type of alternative treatment has also been known to alleviate or completely eliminate 98% or more of withdrawal symptoms typically associated with opiates.

Drug addiction is a serious matter, and there are health professionals dedicated to the constant study and development of new and more progressive treatments. Ibogaine just might be the solution for many addicts today.

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