Common Terrible Twos Myths, Debunked

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It seems that everyone has their own opinion on dealing with the terrible twos. The terrible twos generally happen when your little one is learning more about the world around them, but is not able to communicate properly. The result? Toddler screaming tantrums, emotions on the rise, and parents at their wits end.

But many parents have some misconceptions about terrible twos behavior, and they learn to dread this period in their child’s life. This doesn’t have to be the case, so here are some common misconceptions about dealing with the terrible twos, debunked.

Myth: All two-year-olds have flawed reasoning and are impossible to work with.

Answer: This is untrue as these toddler tantrums are coming because your child simply does not have the ability to communicate their wants and needs fully with you. This does not mean they are irrational, rather they may be expressing something a little bit more complex to you in their tantrums. They don’t like to play with a friend? Maybe that friend makes them feel unsafe. Or maybe they don’t like eating a specific food? Perhaps that food makes them feel sick and they could be allergic. If you simply take time to understand what is going wrong with a child, then the tantrums will soon subside.

Myth: Two-year-olds cannot function if they are not watered, fed, and played with at the same exact time everyday.

Answer: While this can be true in some aspects, the great thing about the terrible twos is that you will start to understand your child’s schedule more than ever before. So you will be able to be prepared for snacks when they are hungry,toys for when they get bored, and a blanket when they need to nap.

Myth: Dealing with the terrible twos ends at the age of two

Answer: Every child is different, so this is not true. Your child may start to develop cognitive skills early on, causing temper tantrums at around one and a half, or they can act like angels at two but act up at age three. Don’t worry, this is completely normal, but it is unrealistic to think two is the age where all tantrums and screaming matches will end.

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