Planned CommunitiesMultiple Advantages

What to look for in a planned community

Planned communities are a very popular choice these days for those considering the purchase of a home. They provide a stability that the typical single family homes are without. They are usually governed by an HOA which requires that owners keep their homes and property in good shape and according to specifications that are set down by the Board. This prevents any one homeowner from causing their neighbor’s home to seem of less value than their own. The distance between the homes is far enough to allow privacy, and the homes are built so that the rooms are large and comfortable. These types of homes will usually check off nearly everything on any homebuyer’s wishlist.

Modern home builders spend a lot of time and energy in planning the construction of homes in planned communities. This kind of community is a self-sustaining community, offering amenities such as a pool, a clubhouse open to all residents for receptions and parties, sports fields, and tennis courts. During the planning stage, home builders look at the big picture. They acknowledge what the everyday needs of the residents will be and note the locations of schools, banks, supermarkets, and malls in order to build a community easily accessible to wherever families need to go.

Planned communities are outlined and built by master planned community developers who have years of experience and are among the best in the business. Therefore, these homes are constructed of the best materials by professionals who know and understand the necessity of proper measurements and weights involved in home construction.

These types of communities offer a lot of variety in terms of home and community sizing and pricing. They can run the gamut in pricing all the way up to a gated community with 24 hour security. Florida residents will find a great many planned communities to choose from when beginning their home buying process. In addition, people who are considering relocating to Florida from another state also enjoy the fact that these types of districts are available to them. They are an excellent choice whether a couple is making the decision to retire, or a young family is looking for the perfect home and community in which to set down their roots and continue to grow. Another draw for buying a home in the state of Florida is the fact that this state does not charge a state income tax to individuals. It is one of seven states that does not require individual income tax to be charged by the state. In addition, Floridians who consider their homes to be their primary residence receive an exemption for the first $50,000 of the value of the home, but only for their property taxes. For school taxes, residents who own their homes receive an exemption of $25,000.

When considering a home purchase in a planned community, homebuyers will find many advantages. Some of these communities are actually built around a particular amenity; for instance, a golf course or a lake upon which the rest of the commonality is focused. Golfing, boating, swimming, and other sports are just a few of the amenities around which a planned community can be built.

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