Ibogaine Detox for a More Comfortable Detox

Methadone addiction

Our nation is known for its high percentage of people with stress and anxiety. People have a lot of responsibilities and expectations put onto them. They must find a job that is both well paying and of good status. They must find a partner to marry and begin a family with, before you become too old. You must keep up with your neighbors, having both a nice house and a nice car. Many of today?s jobs and expectations leave people with high levels of stress. Additionally in today?s world, people are finding alternative ways to cope with stress.

A large amount of people do not possess the appropriate tools for stress reduction. Instead, they turn to a form of self medicating. This often comes in excessive drug or alcohol usage. They can forget about their problems and what is expected of them while they are under the influence. However, people that learn to cope with their problems and stresses with drugs or alcohol tend to become reliant on these substances, often leading to an addiction problem.

As of 2014, there are an estimated 130 million plus individuals in the US who consume alcohol on a regular basis. It can be tricky to identify those who consume regular alcohol for taste or social purposes over those who use it to cope with problems that should be treated in another way. An alcohol addiction can be extremely dangerous. Alcohol actually changes the chemical substance of your body. Over time, your body will develop a level of tolerance to the alcohol substance.

If you attempt to quit cold turkey, you are likely to experience a variety of negative consequences. Your body will fight back and this process can be very dangerous. Some who attempt to stop drinking alcohol cold turkey will end up in the hospital. It is best to work with a medical professional, such as in a ibogaine detox center when coming off of an alcohol addiction. Ibogaine detox can actually be useful for both drug and alcohol addictions.

Ibogaine detox is remarkably effective for obviating upwards of 98% of withdrawal symptoms associated with opiod withdrawal, and produces significant reduction in cravings for stimulants and alcohol. The ibogaine detox, in a sense, reduces the effects of the alcohol or other stimulants, and helps the body to recover from the lack of the substance in the body. The success of it is why many drug treatment centers use ibogaine drug treatment as their top method of withdrawal.

Some may wonder about the safety or the possibility of addiction with ibogaine. However, ibogaine has proven to be very successful in reducing the symptoms of addiction, without creating its own form of addiction for the medication. At Clear Sky Recovery?s ibogaine treatment center in Cancun, for example, they use 99.6% pure pharmaceutical grade ibogaine HCI. They do not use cheaper, semi synthetic ibogaine derived from Voacanda Africana, TA (total alkaloid), or PA (purified total alkaloid) extracts. The higher grade ibogaine medication provides more benefits in the ibogaine clinic.

Ibogaine treatment gives those dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction an option for an easier withdrawal. Some who are struggling with addiction, like Adderall addiction may be hesitant to attempt the withdrawal process, because of the many medical side effects. However, with the reduction of symptoms, more people may be willing to deal with their problems and stressors in healthier ways.

The ibogaine detox treatment may also be important for those dealing with pharmaceutical addictions. A pharmaceutical addiction is generally not intentional. The person was prescribed something for pain or an illness and found, over time, that they were reliant on it. Over the course of the past decade, the landscape of addiction has changed dramatically in the United States. There were over 259 million prescriptions written for painkillers during 2012. This represents a 400% increase in prescription opiate use in only 10 years.

Addiction has been, and will continue to be a problem in our country. People are more stressed than ever and they are dealing with stressors by self medicating. The withdrawal process can be long and uncomfortable. However, with ibogaine detox medications, the process is a little more comfortable, putting people onto the road to recovery.

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