Looking At The Benefits Of Charitable Giving In The United States

From American Red Cross clothing donations to monetary sums given to a charity of your choice, there are many ways in which you can give back. And it is incredibly important to note that even the smallest of donations can have a considerable impact. After all, most of us simply do not have the funds to donate large sums of money – but seventy percent of the population of the United States manages to make a charitable donation at one time or another over the course of the year.

American Red Cross clothing donations and other such used clothing donations to Red Cross pickup centers and other charity pickup centers have become particularly popular. For one, to donate clothing does not cost you any extra money. After all, making ends meet can be a difficult thing in today’s day and age and sometimes all of our money must go towards the basic essentials of life, from feeding ourselves and our families to paying our rent or mortgages to keeping the electricity on and so on and so forth.

American Red Cross clothing donations are particularly amenable to all of that, as the vast majority of people have clothes to spare, ready to be donated whenever the opportunity to make an American Red Cross clothes donation presents itself. This is due to the fact that the average person living in the United States will consume up to sixty eight garments on average per year, the total population consuming as many as twenty billion garments in that same span of time.

This means that the average American woman now has as many as thirty full outfits to choose from, a huge jump from about a century ago, when the average woman of the time only had about nine outfits to select from. And the typical person, man or woman, often has an excess of clothing that they simply no longer wear.

But how do you decide what to keep and what to donate? This is a question that keeps a lot of people from making American Red Cross clothing donations and the like, as they simply do not know what they should part with and what they will eventually have use of again. Fortunately, the answer is perhaps a more simple one than many people would realize.

If you live in a two or one season climate, for example, you should be wearing all pieces of clothing that you own at least once every six months. If it goes longer than that, it is likely that it is time to donate said article of clothing. And if you simply no longer fit in your old clothes, either because of weight gain or weight loss, it is time to move on to them and to give them away in the form of an American Red Cross Clothing donation.

And why the American Red Cross? Why not another charity? While there are certainly any number of viable and respectable charities that you can donate clothes to, the American Red Cross has established itself as being particularly impactful in any given community that it is able to set up a center in.

For one, the American Red Cross is open all the time. This means that they are open at all hours, and for every single day of the year. And your American Red Cross clothing donations will be put to very good use, as the typical American Red Cross Center provides a wide variety of services. These services range from the donation of clothing (where your American Red Cross clothing donations will come into play) to blankets to food to shelter to even blood donations that have been given by members of the community.

Giving American Red Cross clothing donations also proves to be hugely beneficial to our environment, as it prevents the further build up of landfills. As the typical person in the United States will throw away up to ten pounds of clothing per year, even just one person giving American Red Cross Clothing donations can make a considerable difference.

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