Live in the Lap of Luxury With a Luxury Estate Home

Moving is almost never a fun activity, but it can pay off big, especially if you’re moving on and up in the world. Over half of home buyers say that finding the right type of property is the hardest part of the home buying process. However, looking at luxury estate homes can take some of the hardship out of the hunt for a new home. Some luxury estate homes might be in a community full of other types of homes and conveniently near shops, grocery stores, and public transit. Others might be beautiful older estates or have special amenities or sweeping grounds. The meaning can change depending on the demographic being targeted by realtors and what the audience specifies as “luxury.” We’ll discuss the types of luxury homes, why you should look into them, and how to find the right one for you.

Putting the Luxury in Luxury Homes

Luxury homes for sale can boast a wealth of conveniences
and special features. However, the range of luxury homes is broad. For many, location is everything. Whether that means waterfront property, secluded in the mountains, or a penthouse in the center of a bustling city, many homebuyers looking at luxury homes want convenience or a flair of the exotic.

Special amenities are also a draw — whether it’s an IMAX theatre or Olympic size pool in your home, to better security systems, huge walk-in closets, or a full library or art gallery, those can add a particular appeal to some buyers.

Others look for the materials their house is composed from being a cut above the rest — marble, crystal, top of the line appliances, and so forth. Some custom built homes might have other special features — a chef may have his or her own home test kitchen and state of the art appliances, while a musician might have a recording studio or soundproofing done in his or her home.

Why Should I Look at Luxury Estate Homes for My Next House?
If the idea of an IMAX theatre in your home doesn’t sound insanely appealing, looking at luxury estate homes is still worth your time. For one thing, location does matter. And if you have kids, and a luxury estate community happens to be part of the best school district in the area, that could be worth it. You might also find yourself in a community with other likeminded parents, which can be great for fostering friendships and connections, especially if you’ve moved to a new location. Indeed, the value of a home can be affected as much as 20% by how good the school district is — and that can have great resale value later.

For another, even if your amenities aren’t outrageous, they’re probably still better than other homes. You might be conveniently located to a mall, grocery stores, or transit, or be near a green space like a park or hiking trails. And privacy is often paramount in luxury estate homes, so if you prefer to be a bit more secluded, a luxury estate home might be the way to go.

How Do I Find the Best Luxury Home For Me?

This is a question that really only you can answer! But as you browse home listings, look at the features that consistently catch your eye or think about the things that you keep mentioning you want in your own home now. Make a list and then try and narrow it down to your top three or top five and see what listings match that wish list.

And of course, just like any other home, seeing it for yourself is one of the best ways to decide if a home is for you — there’s nothing like being there in person to see the quirks and charms of a home and make that final decision.

If you’re looking for a new home, don’t count out a luxury estate home. The convenience is well worth it and if you’re not planning on moving for awhile, it’s a great foundation for building a true home for yourself and/or your family.

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