How to Avoid Nanny Poaching, and Other Hiring Tips

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Right now, nannies are often at a premium in many countries. The benefits of hiring a nanny are many. Because they are frequently live in help, their hours are more flexible, and therefore more conducive to family schedules. They also require lower wages than daycares. The minimum wage for a live in nanny in Canada is about $11 — the savings add up quickly when you compare it to the average daycare cost of about $18 per hour. Hiring a nanny also allows for one-on-one care that just wouldn’t be possible with a daycare.

Agencies Can Help Make Sure the Hiring Process Goes Smoothly

If you decide to get a nanny, it’s a good idea to work with an agency. When choosing a nanny agency, look for a company that not only does much of the preliminary search for you — screening candidates for appropriate fits — but also provides assistance in making sure your new nanny is happy with their situation. Agencies ensure that the hiring process is smooth, and successful.

How to Avoid Nanny Poaching

“Nanny poaching” is not unheard of in many provinces. With nanny services in high demand, sometimes families will attempt to hire your nanny away from you. Working with a good agency can help prevent this, but so can treating your nanny right so that she (or he) is not tempted to leave in the first place.

What are some easy mistakes that many well-intentioned parents make? One is not being considerate of your nanny’s time and schedule. Just as you would not appreciate an employee showing up 20 minutes late, you should not frequently obligate your nanny to stay longer than agreed. Be aware of the power you have in your relationship when you make requests. If the nanny is not finished playing a game with your child when you get home, for example, instead of telling the child to ask politely if the nanny will stay — a difficult situation for them to decline — consider offering to help place the game in a corner so that it will be safe until the next day.

The Benefits of Hiring a Nanny You Set Realistic Expectations For

As a final note, keep your expectations realistic. Good nannies are not always easy to come by. Their primary goal is to ensure the well-being of your child, and that might need to take precedence over doing all your laundry, dishes, cleaning and cooking. As Rosaline Prather, a former nanny and professional “momtrepreneur,” points out, “Nannies shop around for families, just like families shop around for nannies.” Unrealistic expectations might scare away better qualified individuals.

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