Four Tips to Keep Your Home Safe From the Flue

Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant

It’s winter, which means that it’s flu season. If you or someone else in your home gets sick, you’ve got to take certain steps to disinfect your home, lest anyone else gets sick, too. To help you keep yourself and your family free from illness, here are some tips to help you disinfect your home!

1. Use Paper Towels.

Believe it or not, paper towels are some of the best disinfectant products. Naturally, they don’t have any germ-killing solutions, so you’ll need to use that great value disinfectant spray under the sink, but they’re great for disinfecting, because you can just throw them away when you’re done. That way, those pesky germs won’t linger in a sponge or a brush.

2. Pay Attention to the Bathroom Sink.

Your bathroom sink is a hotbed of germ activity
. Use that great value disinfectant spray on the bowl, faucet, and knobs daily while someone is sick. The toothbrush holder should get extra attention, too. Lastly, make sure you get the light switch and the doorknob.

3. Disinfect the Items That Everyone Touches.

Such things in your home as the TV remote, computer keyboards, phones, video game controllers and others have got to be treated with your great value disinfectant spray. After spraying them, let them sit for several minutes and air dry, to make sure that all the germs die.

4. The Bed.

If your bedmate is sick, it’s best to probably sleep on the couch until they’re better. A little discomfort at night is better than catching the flu. When used by a sick individual, towels and bedding can hold onto those influenza germs as well. It’ll take more than just your great value disinfectant spray to clean them, but putting them in the washer should be good enough.

So long as you use your handy great value disinfectant spray to keep your home clean, you’ll mitigate the risk of the flu in your home. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Helpful research also found here.

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