Eat Your Backyard, America Experiences a Home Garden Boom

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Garden design

With the recent frequent ups and downs of the US economy, Americans are rediscovering the benefits of having a home or community garden. Victory garden designs were promoted by the US government during World War II to ease the pressure off of the food industry, and to free up resources for the troops overseas. Today, plant nursery and gardening centers are booming, as people are experiencing the joy of eating their own home grown vegetables.

A movement focused on local eating and green agriculture has also contributed to the increase in American garden design, which was once a hallmark of the American South. Colleges and urban communities are starting community garden centers, where the labor and the produce are all shared with the others in the community. The city of Northampton, Massachusetts even has a small piece of farmland where all the townspeople can grow their crops. All of this, combined with Michelle Obama’s penchant for gardening and healthy eating, making her a modern Jackie O. type role model, has created a soaring global garden design industry, raking in nearly $200 billion in 2011.

Vegetables are not the only thing being grown. Current garden design also places a lot of emphasis on flowering plants and shrubs, which can be used to add color and texture to a garden or yard. Trees and shrubs also make for excellent and beautiful property dividers. If you need help making your own garden design, or if you do not even know where to start, your local landscapers and garden centers will be happy to help you design a garden you and your family will enjoy for years. Learn more:

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