Do You Have Clogged Piping? You Need to See This

Do you suspect that there may be a blockage in your piping? This is often the case when debris makes it way into the pipe and gets stuck somewhere along the way. Once a partial blockage occurs, it is easier for other particles also to get stuck in the same spot. It can often be hard to know exactly what is causing the blockage or where the blockage is in your piping. This is why hiring a sewer and drain clearing professional is always a good idea. Yet, if you suspect that your blockage is small and is being caused by food or hair, there is something that you can start with to see if you can unclog the drain yourself before calling a professional.

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If you have baking soda and vinegar lying around your house, you are in luck. These two ingredients are great for clearing out blockages when they are combined in your drain. Start by using the baking soda. Feel free to add some dish soap to it as well. At this point, the drain will still be clogged. It is not until you add the vinegar that you will start to see some results. The vinegar will cause the baking soda to foam up. Wait a while for this process to take place. Afterwards, flush the vinegar and baking soda down the drain with boiling water. This should help clear out minor blockages in your piping.


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