Cost of a Custom Closet

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Custom closets can optimize your storage space to fit your exact specifications. Whether you want more storage for your shoes, drawers for jewelry and watches, or better lighting, a custom closet has a range of factors that influence the final price. This video takes a look at some of those factors so you can budget for your customs closet project.

The first determining factor is the size of the project. Larger closets will require more material and construction, thus leading to higher prices. This is pretty straightforward. The next factor is the material chosen. Many custom closet contractors will have a variety of materials that you can pick from to find the best to fit your budget.

If you want to use nicer materials but don’t have the budget for a full closet made from them, you can get smaller parts of the closet, like drawers and cabinets, done in the more exotic materials and use a simpler base material for the cases.

You will also need to consider the accessories and add-ons that you choose to do. There are so many options, from hangars and tie clips, to ironing boards and laundry hampers. The limit is up to you!

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