Brick Fireplace Repairs

Be sure to clean your chimney before lighting another fire if there is soot, creosote buildup, or a bird’s nest. However, you could require fireplace repairs if your brick or mortar is fractured or in poor condition. Cracked and deteriorating bricks, water intrusion, and inappropriate firebox dimensions are the most frequent issues encountered inside the firebox, often leading to smoking in the room.

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The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) views cracks in a firebox’s walls or its internal chimney lining as a fire threat. A fire’s waste is carried by smoke, which eventually causes deposits on the walls, inside gaps, and behind other objects. Sparks rising in the bricks can re-ignite this sticky substance known as creosote. Therefore, it’s crucial to prevent creosote buildup on these walls and to fix any cracks as soon as they appear.

Cracked mortar can be fixed by gently chiseling the damaged portions and tucking them with portland cement or fireclay. It should not be surface-coated or smeared since this would prevent the coating from adhering to the grubby, smokey surface. If you need help with this process, it’s best to contact a fireplace repair company.


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