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Every year, as unfortunate as it is, events occur that make it necessary for the american red cross to ask for donations. Even during quiet times, which are typically few and far between, american red cross clothing donations are welcome at any of their locations nationwide. It is important to have items on hand in the case of an emergency so that people in need will not have to wait for donations to be collected. Having donations readily available also enables members of the red cross to send or bring the needed items to the location or locations with no loss of time.

Every day of the year, every hour of each day, help is made available by the red cross to people and communities in need. Through this organization people are able to receive food, clothing, blankets, and even shelter. Statistics show that 63% of people who make american red cross clothing donations are people who believe that this is a way by which they can give back to their community. An average of 70% of American people give to one charity or another every year.

The american red cross is also known as the american national red cross. It is a benevolent organization formed to provide disaster relief, education, and emergency assistance to victims of emergency situations throughout the United States. Hurricanes, superstorms, and blizzards are several large scale catastrophic occurrences where the red cross has provided immense relief. On a local level, the red cross is there to help people who have experienced a flood or a house fire and have been displaced and lost many of their belongings. American red cross clothing donations add up to a country of people working to help each other when disaster strikes, whether it be a result of a weather phenomenon or the result of a more personal event.

Most of the people who work for the american red cross are volunteers. So many are needed all over the country who are willing to physically step in and lend a hand during a crisis. Volunteers are needed to teach classes on lifesaving skills and emergency preparedness. Trying to educate people to know what to do in the event of an emergency so that they can help themselves as well as others is crucial.

There are several ways to donate to the american red cross. Monetary donations are always needed and accepted, and can be done online, by mail, by text, by monthly donation, and by starting an online fundraiser. Stocks and mutual funds can be donated as well. Blood donations are always needed. By contacting a local red cross donation center, volunteers can find out where and when they can come in to donate blood. Of course, american red cross clothing donations are always needed and accepted. Clothing for all ages and all sizes are always needed and are greatly appreciated. To donate clothes to the red cross, individuals can easily contact the organization online or by phone, and they will receive all the information necessary.

Used clothing donations are most useful when the clothing is clean and in good shape. Blankets and warm clothing are essential for flood victims and those displaced as a result of superstorms that may bring heavy rain, wind, or snow.

The american red cross also provides services in addition to emergency assistance and disaster relief. They help provide communication abilities and comfort assistance to members of the military and their families, and, in addition to taking donations of blood, they also see to its processing and distribution. As mentioned before, the red cross provides programs educating people about preparedness, as well as health and safety, and they also offer international programs for relief and development.

The american red cross, begun by Clara Barton in 1881, has grown to include 650 chapters. There are 500,000 volunteers, including Americorps and FEMA, in addition to 30,000 employees. Each year, the american red cross sends relief to victims of over 67,000 disaster situations and trains almost 12 million people for medical needs.

According to statistics, there are about ten pounds of clothes thrown away, per person, each year in the United States. That amount of clothing would go a long way as american red cross donations!

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