A Rustic Re-Design What Log Furniture Can Do For Your Home or Cabin

If you’re in the market for new furniture, whether it’s for your home or home away from home, you might want to consider looking into purchasing log furniture. It may not quite fit with all homes aesthetic, but if you’re looking for a rustic hospitality feel for your home, you can’t do better than genuine log furniture.

As the generation grows older and more and more move out on their own, furniture purchases by millenials are on a sharp rise, increasing the industry’s revenue by nearly 16 billion dollars. With a growing market, your furniture choices will be greater than ever before. Log furniture has such a unique, nostalgic and even stylish aesthetic, why not consider it for your next furniture purchase? It could serve to enhance a natural wilderness aesthetic, or as an ironic bookcase in your otherwise modern apartment!

Furniture like bookshelves and bedside tables made with logs can add a rustic charm to any room, giving it a natural and handmade feel. Log furniture especially works for homes and cabins in the wilderness, accentuating the environment on the outside! Or, if you prefer, bring a little piece of rugged charm into your suburban home.

If you’re looking for furniture with durability and quality, look no further. From log patio furniture to a log bookshelf, these bad boys are made to last. If I were to make a bet on what type of furniture would last through some sort of catastrophe, I can’t think of any sturdier type of furniture. I’m not making any guarantees, but I’m just sayin’.

Log furniture is often locally built, which can genuinely produce a great feeling. Buying local instead of from corporations based elsewhere helps your money stay where you live, improving your community, even in just a small way. Locally-made also can go a long way when it comes to the quality of your furniture. If you buy furniture from a large chain, there is little accountability. Compare that to a local mom and pop shop, and you can probably get the idea.

Do you have any log furniture in your home or cabin? How long have you had it? Are you happy with your decision? Let us know in the comments down below!

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