4 Tips for Choosing the Best Gaming Bean Bag Chair

As much talk that surrounds electronics and video games, the fact remains that they are still a popular way to unwind, de-stress and have fun. So popular in fact that four out of five households have some sort of gaming system in them. This being said, there are not many households that have ample room for those who play games to sprawl out on the floor while playing, leading to the need to find sitting solutions for those who enjoy playing games. Bean bag chairs offer a simple solution by being versatile, easy to move and the options are almost endless. If you have a gamer in your life, consider these tips for choosing the perfect bean bag chair to provide a comfortable place to relax and play at the same time.

Number of Players

This is an important question to ask when considering purchasing huge bean bag chairs. If more than one person will be sitting on your exceptionally cool bean bag chairs then it only makes sense that it is big enough to hold all potential players. Research different sizes and styles to determine how many people the bean bag chair can comfortably hold. Spending time searching for these incredibly cool bean bag chairs is pointless if it’s not big enough for all guests.


It is important to realize that the average gamer spends more than six hours per week playing online with other players. This means that there will be significant time spent in the bean bag chair. No matter how cool bean bag chairs look, if their smell drives off company then that defeats the purpose. Make sure that the bean bag chair of your choice offers a removable cover. One that you can take off and wash, maybe while the household gamer is sleeping. Being able to remove the cover and wash it will go a long way in keeping your comfortably cool bean bag chairs in optimum condition.


Along with comfort and functionality you should consider safety of cool bean bag chairs before purchase. The average U.S. gamer is approximately 35 years old, which means most of the time there are others in the house besides just the gamer and his family. Children who reside in the home should have extra caution when it comes to bean bag chairs and the safety of children in the home, especially younger children, is important. A child safe zipper or some other form of protection should be used to ensure a small child cannot climb inside the bean bag chair and suffocate.


There are many options when it comes to bean bag chairs and comfort is one of them. Depending on the type of use you expect to get from it, you should ensure that it fits the expectations. Some bean bag chairs are perfect for lounging or laying around, but they don’t do much for back support if you are sitting in them. If you are looking for bean bag chairs to use while gaming, make sure to chose one that offers proper support for your back and neck while playing. You want to make sure that sitting in a comfortable position doesn’t cause any discomfort. If you’re going to be sitting in this chair for extended amounts of time, you want to make sure that it is comfortable and supportive.

Consider your bean bag chair choice an important one. You want to opportunity to be move it and place it in different places. The importance of a bean bag chair is that it is a movable piece of furniture, that serves its purpose. Choose your options carefully and select one that will fit your needs now and into the future. Research your options and find the best bean bag chair for your home. Comfort, reliability and versatility will play an important part now and well into the future. A good choice now will last you for years to come.

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