5 Essential for Choosing the Best School for Your Kid

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As a parent, one critical and agonizing decision you’ll have to make is choosing which school to enroll your child in. With different kinds of schooling options available, the process can pretty much like finding a needle in a haystack. Many parents are puzzled about sending their kids to boarding school or day school. And while both them can ensure quality education for your child, they each have their unique factors to consider

But why send your child to a day school and not a boarding school? Here are several advantages of enrolling a child in a day school and the following pointers will help you make an informed decision on what’s best for you child’s education.

Cost advanatage
Let’s face it, cost of education is one of the primary factors parents consider when choosing a school for their children. Boarding schools are outrightly expensive. A study by the Good Schools Guide reports that before additional expenses, the average annual cost of boarding school is about 27,600 pounds. When you compare this figure with the average day school cost of 11,709 pounds per year, the difference is substantially huge.

Best quality day schools are cheaper regarding their tuition fees, which is what makes boarding schools slightly expensive. Another reason why days schools are so popular, particularly in high school level of education, is their ability to offer specialized attention. Some day schools allow parents to enroll their children in private tutoring of their choice as well. With the rising school fees in an already bloated system, the cost of education is undeniably a factor to keep in mind before committing.

Parent-child relationship
Sending your child to a boarding school means that you won’t get to see them often as you’d like. But for parents who wish to maintain a close relationship and supervision over their children, day schools are a great option. Parents are allowed to interact with their children in every aspect of their education, both in academic and extra curricular activities.

Day school children can also receive moral guidance from their parents as they interact on a daily basis. Something that many boarding schools don’t put much emphasis on in ensuring a holistic growth for their students. The why send your child to a day school question can be best understood by parents who’d love to stay with their children a bit longer.

Exposure to complementary education material
Education doesn’t start and end at school. Unlike in boarding school, children in day schools are exposed to complementary education materials that can help spice up their intellectual interest. Such materials include museums visits, fine arts galleries, education centers and libraries. You, as a parent, can ensure that your child doesn’t waste time idling around after school or on weekends by introducing some of these activities on their plan.

Extracurricular activities
Many boarding schools are limited in terms of extracurricular activities. If your child has developed an interest in a particular activity and would love to pursue it at a later stage as a career, a day school offers the best chance to do that. Your child could be practising once they are out of school and have enough time to develop their skills and talents.

Emergency situations
One of the fears parents have is their children getting sick. But it’s even more stressing when they are far away from them. In case you child fall sick or sustain an injury, you can easily be with them if they are admitted in a day school.

Ultimately, the question of why send your child to a day school will depend on personal factors and particularly on the maturity level of your child.

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