Nov 11 2013

Awkward family portraits

With the onset of the holiday season, this means taking awkward family Christmas photos for many households. But during a time of year that is often already fraught with stress and friction, why settle for that awkward family portraits session that can be uncomfortable at best and a cause of disagreement at worst? This year, you may want to go out of your way to take holiday photos that emphasize fun while being true to your distinctive family personality and dynamic.

For example, you may want to play up the idea of embarrassing family photos with a tongue-in-cheek session in which you don’t take yourself too seriously. The holidays are notorious for tacky, so-bad-they’re-awesome sweaters. Why not have your entire family dress in these and send the resulting funny holiday pictures out to family and f

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Oct 14 2013

Ideas for family pictures

Around the world, the average internet user will spend 16 hours a month online. However, that number doubles in the United States where users devote 32 hours to the internet every month. While much of that number undoubtedly comes from the fact that more and more people are using the internet while at work or for personal reasons, like banking and paying bills, the reality is that many of the hours spent online are used for just killing time. Lots of people browse different websites looking at sports scores, reading blogs, or even browsing through awkward family pictures to pass the time.

The ways that people admit to spending their time online will vary from person to person. Some 22% of people spend their time on social media, 21% use search engines, 20% read all kinds of content, 19% use email a

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Sep 11 2013

Awkard family photos

Getting together with family can be both a gift and a curse. It is great to catch up, eat delicious food, and play board games when you have nothing left to talk about. However, you have to travel and take those awfully awkward family photos Christmas cards are famous for.

Last Thanksgiving, according to NBC News, 43.6 million Americans traveled more than 50 miles to be with their families. What was there reward? Embarrassing family photos serving as evidence of their love for their family. Do not worry, however. You are absolutely not alone.

The Awkward Family Photos Book%3Cbr%3E

If ever you feel that awkward family pictures only ever happen to you and yours, then have no fear. The Awkward Family Photos book is proof that every single family takes some of the worst pictures to p

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Jul 11 2013

Awkward family photos christmas

Awkward family portraits. We see them, we laugh at them… but danger lurks around every corner. For you know, deep in the dark place in your mind where you never go, that somewhere, somehow, and at the worst possible time… someone will find the photos of the Rainbow Bright themed birthday party you were sure the other boys in your Boy Scout troop would think was just the coolest.

We cannot erase the past, but we can safeguard our future. Here are some tips to make sure that when it comes to awkward family portraits, you remain the laugher, and never the laughee.

1. Clothing Choice. Some of the most embarrassing family photos come from a simple lack of wardrobe sense. Matching clothing is never a good idea, and themes are right out too. Sweaters should not be too hideous, and family pets sh

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Apr 05 2018

Furniture wholesale outlet

As the weather warms up, more and more people will be making vacation plans. For a lot of people, these plans will include resort stays. Resorts have the advantage of offering comfortable amenities to guests, often close to exciting tourist destinations, without sacrificing space and comfort. Families in particular often prefer resorts because there is more space and optional fun available for kids. The problem that can come up for resort owners is that of competition. There are so many options available for people looking to stay in resorts that a few seemingly minor details can make or break a person’s decision to choose one resort over the other. People often decide on a location first — but they choose a specific resort in part because of the creature comforts it can offer. Read more ...

Apr 04 2018

How to landscape

The recent Meme on your social media news feed made you laugh at a time when you were too winter weary to even smile. The picture is of a woman donned in a winter coat, as well as hats and gloves. And although she is standing in at least a foot of snow, the point of the picture is that this woman in standing in a garden trying to dig through the dirt so that she can begin the process of starting her spring planting preparations.
The caption with the meme says that this comic gardener is starting her spring plans in spite of the ongoing April Fool’s joke that Mother Nature is playing!
Finding the strength to get through another cold and snowy wintry day is a challenge when it is the end of the first week in April and you are still having to bundle yourself and your children up when everyone heads out

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Mar 30 2018

Amish storage barns

Furniture should stand the test of time!

That seems like a pretty understandable comment, one that isn’t insane or extreme. However, it’s a shame that it’s a comment that isn’t necessarily true nowadays. Current-age Furniture — the type of which you’ll find pre-constructed in Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart — seemingly falls apart with ease, splitting at the seems, having screws wear out over basic weather patterns, and becoming faulty by seemingly just owning them for a month or two.

While it might seem like this is the only option we have nowadays in dealing with these monopolies, aside from building it yourself, you should know that there are other options available. One of the first and foremost options you should consider is that of Amish furniture.

Amish furniture, which

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Mar 26 2018


When your loved ones have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or begin to exhibit signs of memory loss, finding the best care is vital. Unlike the traditional nursing homes, which offered random care with limited resources, memory care facilities offer specialized care tailored to meet the specific needs of an Alzheimer’s patient.

Before committing to a memory care community, you want to be sure your loved one’s health, comfort, and safety are of paramount concern in the facility. Here are some of the important things you need to consider seriously when choosing a specialized care facility.

1.Cost of care
When it comes to looking after loved suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, there are two common options to consider. You can either choose to admit your loved one into an assiste

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