Apr 06 2019

Many indoor and outdoor events call for the right hardware, and these items and supplied may be rented as needed. Weddings, large birthday parties, corporate events, and festivals and carnivals fall for party supply rental, and the staff for such an event may find party supply rental online or with local brand names. Even a charity event such as a race or obstacle course or sports game calls for party supply rental of some sort, and chair covers, chair rentals, tables, linen fabric,s and more may be chosen. Even a large tent may be necessary, as some outdoor meals and wedding receptions are held under a tent to protect guests from direct sunlight or unexpected rain. religious events such as a baptism or a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah may call for party supply rentals, too. How might this play out?

Tables and Chairs and Linens

For a large meal for a charity event, a wedding, or a birthday party, guests will

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Apr 03 2019

The social media announcement that two of your “friends” have a birthday today made you smile. It is not uncommon, of course, that you have social media friends who share a birthday. In fact, there are many days when your newsfeed and notifications have shown that there are as many as four, five, and six friends who share the same birthday. This pairing, however, is kind of sweet.
One of the birthday people is a friend from your childhood. You went to elementary school together, you were in Girl Scouts together, and your mothers were good friends. You recently ran into this friend and reconnected. Through conversation, she reminded you of the light green uniforms with dark green sashes that you wore to school on the day of troop meetings. She reminded of you about the time your two mothers were the troop leaders for a camping trip when streaking was all the craze. That conversation was fun and took you back to a time when you were carefree, young, and oh so innocent.
The other

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Mar 19 2019

When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? Did you have a lot of extra clothes you wanted to get rid of? Well, instead of tossing them in the trash, consider donating them. There are many charities throughout the U.S. that accept clothing donations of all kinds, including women and men’s clothing, children’s clothing, baby clothing, maternity clothing, and more. Similarly, there are many people who benefit from and even rely on clothing donations and other types of charitable giving. Just how much clothing gets donated each year and where does all that donated clothing go? For starters, the American Red Cross accepts clothing donations, and many people, especially the homeless, rely on american red cross clothing donations.

Believe it or not, Americans as a whole go through an estimated 20 billion garments each year. That translates to about 68 garments and seven pairs of shows per person. That’s a lot of clothing that piles up over the years. Unfortunately, many of thos

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Mar 13 2019

Education is a process. Sometimes, a process that is painful; sometimes, a process that is peaceful. As parents of children we all want to know that we have found the right educational setting that will teach our children how to excel in times of both pain and peace. We can watch our children battle through the toughest math class or enjoy the ride through the most enjoyable music course, but we want to know that the while process has been worth the effort.
Whether you are trying to figure out what to know about day schools in your area or you are trying to evaluate the kind of grades that your own public schools get, it is always important to make sure that you are looking at reliable resources. A recent report, for instance, indicated that when you look at the ratings between private and public schools there are really very little differences when you consider socioeconomic backgrounds. This does not mean, however, that all parents should shy away from either public or private sc

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Mar 12 2019

Your furniture means a lot to you. Think about the last time you had to replace a worn out sofa or were considering getting a new side table. Was it easy selling the one you had?

We tie our soul and personality into the things we own. When you’re tired of throwing out worn-out furniture and want to keep your purchase around in the long-term, it’s time to go traditional. Amish furniture is a classic staple that’s enjoyed steady success for centuries, characterized by handmade wood and beloved around the country for its longevity. You can commission a traditional pergola to grace your garden for decades to come. You can look into Amish built barns or Amish chicken coops to give your farm a more homely feel.

End the cycle of cheap furniture. Here’s what you should know about custom Amish creations.

The History Of Amish Furniture In America

The United States is home to a seemingly endless bounty of artistic history. Amish furniture has

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Mar 11 2019

Rentals are an option for many different parties, from birthday parties and weddings to celebrations like Bat Mitzvahs and Bar Mitzvahs. No matter what, the scheduling and organization of the party location can be expensive, and rental of things like the dance floor, tent, and dishes can be quite a cost saver.

Create Your Own Location Through Tent Rental

While many of these different parties can be set up in your own back yard, it is important to plan for any type of weather. There may need to be protection from sun or rain, and the tent would be able to help with that factor. Specifically, some of the rentals that are most popular include:

  • Wedding tent rentals
  • Event tent rentals
  • Dance floor rentals
  • Party tent rentals
  • Linen rentals
  • Sweet sixteen tent rentals
  • Table renting
  • Rent tent accessories and furniture

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Mar 05 2019

This is one of those winters when you feel as if all you are able to do is plan and reschedule. For instance, you purchased a a frame bike rack for the back of your SUV, but after having to reschedule three bike rides in a row because of snow, you have finally decided to wait until next month.
From portable aluminum bleachers that surround baseball diamonds covered in snow to a frame bike rack that has not been used, the Winter of 2019 has been a rough one. Fortunately, by the first week in March, there is hope. In fact, every day that passes is one more day closer to the time when we finally get rid of the snow, the cold temperatures, and will have a chance to use that A frame bike rack and get your kids back out onto the ball diamonds around the country.
Winter Weather Cannot Last Forever
Even when you are certain that the piles of snow in your

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Mar 05 2019

Formal occasions such as weddings, bar/bat Mitzvahs, and corporate meetings call for the right venue. Weddings are commonly done in churches, and their receptions may be in a nearby banquet hall. Bar/bat Mitzvahs are often done in one’s synagogue, and office employees may meet at a convention center. There is another route, however, and that is rent rentals. Why tent rentals? Leisurely and fun events such as weddings or bar/bat Mitzvahs often take place outside when the weather is fair, such as in spring or early autumn. It is more popular than ever to have a wedding ceremony (and the wedding lunch or dinner) outdoors. This involves more than a patch of grass, however. Tent rentals are the best way to put a roof over everyone’s heads, and this is in addition to getting wedding linen rental, table rentals, and more. For an outdoor wedding, it is often a strategic choice to rent such materials, and tent rentals can get the job done for a fair price. Where to start?

Tent Rentals

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