Why Millennials Are Moving to Planned Communities

What to look for in a new home

Buying a new home can be frustrating at the best of times, and overwhelming at the worst. There are so many factors to contend with, such as proximity to school and work, location, design, amenities, community, etc. It can often seem as if there is no way to have it all, but what if you could?

According to a survey of 1,500 millennials in the process of home buying, 66% wanted to purchase in a suburban location, 24% preferred rural areas, and 10% were interested in centrally located homes in large metro areas. A major draw to suburban areas is the concept of planned communities, which tend to be located in suburban environments. A planned community is a self-sustaining community that is master planned. The reason behind these master planned communities is to create a vibrant community that is centered around contemporary homes and focuses on the convenience for those that live there.

A major benefit of planned communities is the fact that developers enlist modern home builders to not only build new homes in these areas, but also to offer families the chance to choose their own modern home design and, basically, build their own home within the realm of reason. These single family homes can be unique, yet also a part of a safe and family-centered collective area.

Many new planned communities are incorporating urban styles of living, such as enhancing education, parks and health services and expanding retail. However, they provide these urban aspects within a suburban environment. This allows for millennials to have the convenience of big city living, but with a more manageable population size, family atmosphere, and stronger sense of a local community.

Millennials are now the most represented population navigating the real estate market for a new home. Planned communities not only provide the most modern and contemporary home designs with desirable amenities, but they also do so on a reasonable budget. By buying a new home within a planned community, millennials are getting to reap the benefits of a master planned community imagined by developers to create an ideal environment for them to raise their families. Who says you can’t have it all?

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