Why Extracurricular Programs Matter at Private Schools

Your child’s education isn’t just about what is covered in the classroom. Students learn and socialize better when they engage in extracurricular activities. The best private education encourages (in some instances, requires) out of class participation in a club or program to give students a well-rounded education.

Extracurricular Activities Shape Young Minds

Most parents already know that extracurricular programs matter a great deal. Colleges and universities prefer well-rounded candidates who play instruments, join sports teams, or do volunteer work. In some instances, they can also offer extracurricular-related scholarships, most notably for athletics but also for band, debate, theater, and everything in between. Extracurricular activities also allow students to explore new interests, to socialize with other kids, and to build new skills. Participating in a track meet or building a robot may not go on your resume, but they’re extremely valuable experiences for kids to have.

Not All Schools Have the Same Opportunities

Educators and parents recognize the value of extracurricular activities, but not all school districts are able to provide activities for their students. Public schools may have to cut fine arts and summer programs due to budget shortfalls. Instructors may be stretched thin due to overcrowding and are therefore unable to coach soccer or direct the school play. As a result, some of the valuable and rewarding extracurricular programs fall by the wayside.

What to Know About Day Schools

One of the benefits of private day schools is that they are able to meet the needs of all of their students. The best private schools integrate technology and art into their lessons, and students are encouraged to participate in other activities outside of class. Instructors are happy to double as advisors, coaches, directors, and conductors, building the teacher/student bond and building a strong school culture. If you find yourself googling “What to know about day schools,” keep in mind that they all have different focuses but tend to value extracurricular activities very highly.

The best school for your child is the one that makes them excited to learn and encourages them to try new things. A private school with a rich assortment of clubs and teams may be just what your student is looking for.

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