What Millennials And Baby Boomers Share In Common When It Comes To Buying Homes

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It seems like buying a home is an art form in of itself. Never mind figuring out which home or community, exactly, you’re interested in. You have to create a happy balance between a neighborhood that supports your family and a house that accommodates your day-to-day needs while keeping your budget intact. No wonder people look to real estate agents for help! Home buying trends are rising and dipping as they’ve always been, with some findings shedding new light on what we previously thought as fact. Let’s learn more about what constitutes buying a home nowadays and how you can figure out what’s best for you and yours.

When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do

Nothing wrong with following a trend. There’s a reason it’s become so popular, after all! It’s estimated over 1,000 people make the switch from their town or city to Florida every single day — the Sunshine State has been one of the most popular locations in the country for its agreeable weather and beautiful neighborhoods. A recent survey has seen nearly half of buyers actively citing ‘energy efficiency’ as their most desired trait. When you consider that air conditioning and heating alone account for most of a home’s energy expenses, it’s little wonder why.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Even the most stunning single family vacation pool homes won’t mean much unless it’s a decision crafted on your most personal requirements. According to studies provided by Zillow, nearly half of all home buyers want to live in a house that’s never been lived in. Why is that? For some people there’s a lot of appeal in creating memories completely from scratch, giving a house a brand new right alongside them. Others don’t want to inherit potential problems that could have been left over from past residents. What about you?

Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

New at all of this? There’s no need to hang your head in shame. Everyone has to start somewhere on the road to purchasing single family vacation pool homes or a house with multiple bedrooms. Over 30% of people looking for a new home are doing so for the very first time, meaning there are plenty of other families in a similar boat when it comes to parsing out the fine details of mortgage and location, location, location. Millennials and Baby Boomers have been found to have more similarities than previously thought, with 55% of the former and 45% of the latter preferring ‘walkable’ neighborhoods.

A Strong Foundation Lasts Forever

Say you find a house or some single family vacation pool homes that tickles your fancy. It’s beautifully designed, can accommodate your large family and is in a community you’re eager to explore. Then what? It’s your responsibility to be prepared for whatever life throws your way, with no small part of that equation including the security of your new home. A home insurance plan can protect your house against break-ins, fires or floods, while a warranty company (such as 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty) can provide coverage and protection against structural defects. These all add up to a foundation that will look after your family for years to come.

The Basics For A Strong, Beautiful And Happy Home

Homes for sale are scattered across the American landscape just waiting for the right buyer to come along. Never let it be said that new housing is just a relic of the past, either! A study by Realtor.com has predicted over 60% of homebuyers this year will be under age 35. Additional studies have also seen over 20% of Millennials being more likely to look at townhouses than more conventional options. A home designer can supplement your purchase with interior or exterior renovations that not only make your house more lovely, but can even boost your ROI if you feel like moving again.

Single family vacation pool homes in a downtown Florida city or townhomes nestled in the heart of a rural landscape…where could your dream home be?

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