What Furniture Stores Don’t Want You To Know

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Have you learned how to decorate a room? Planning furniture in a room should be fun, not a stressful ordeal. The internet is filled with blog posts with tips for furnishing a home. While there are some basic tips that can help tie a room together, it is important to first understand what styles and colors you like. Once you realize your preferences, you can tie that in to the function of the room. Here is your first tip: measure the room before looking at furniture. For more tips and tricks, read below.

When In Doubt, Choose Wood Furniture.

First, let’s talk about the negatives of wooden furniture. It is expensive. It is heavy. It can be, for some, difficult to source ethically. Big, heavy pieces of solid wood furniture are not easy to move, and do require an investment if you are the first purchaser. But plenty of great pieces can be bought from secondhand shops, or off of relatives looking to redecorate themselves.

Now let’s look at the advantages of wooden furniture. It is gentler on floors of all types than metal or plastic. Depending on your home furnishing styles, the patina of wood is regarded as beautiful and looks expensive. There is a growing concern about the wood used when making furniture. The solution may be found in purchasing reclaimed wooden items. These pieces are constructed with wood usually pulled from old buildings, construction sights, and bridges. It is essentially recycling, but with a more artistic result.

Know Your Home Furnishing Budget, And Shop Smart!

Quick, when is the best time of year to buy new furniture? It is not during Black Friday, surprisingly. The two best times during the year to make a big furniture purchase are Valentine’s Day and Memorial Day. Furniture stores make big markdowns in the days around these two holidays for some reason. Be a smart shopper and wait for those sales when planning furniture in a room.

Planning furniture in a room can be fun. It is a process that requires some thought, about one’s preferences and how much space there is in your home. Take the time to determine the type of decor you most enjoy and are comfortable surrounding yourself with. Once armed with this information, measure the room or rooms to be furnished and wait for a great sale at your favorite furniture store.

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