Tying the Knot? Here Are a Few Wedding Planning Tips

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Are you planning to tie the knot? Were you aware that this saying comes from ancient Babylonia and refers to a wedding custom? Traditionally, the bride and groom’s clothes were actually tied together as a symbol of their union. While couples may not engage in this practice literally any longer, they definitely do so figuratively.

When it comes time to plan a wedding, there are so many details involved. In addition to choosing the date, venue, and sending out invitations, menu choices need to be made. After that, there are other considerations such as activities, decorations, seating arrangements, dining tables, and more.

Where are you planning to have your wedding held? Were you aware that 24% of wedding ceremonies are now “destination weddings?” When the wedding party, family, and friends travel to a special location, it can heighten this celebratory occasion by being in a unique setting and for an extended period of time.

Hawaii is a popular destination wedding site, and it has the most casual weddings. Just picture your guests wearing long, flowing Hawaiian print dresses, Hawaiian shirts, and fragrant leis.

New Jersey, on the other hand, is known for its more formal weddings. These tend to be black-tie affairs with all of the elegant trimmings.

When the weather is nice, more couples are choosing to have their weddings outdoors rather than inside a hotel or similar venue. Depending on the size of your backyard, you may be thinking about having it at your own or a family member’s home.

There are different types and sizes of wedding tent rentals available, and you may also want to rent a separate one for a dance floor. There are a variety of wedding tent options, and you may be envisioning an elegant sailcloth tent for an afternoon or evening wedding.

If you’re planning to have the wedding and reception during the late afternoon during the evening hours, just imagine lighting up your patio or garden area with beautiful LED furniture and lighting. You can also focus this lighting on a specific area such as the dance floor or a cocktail lounge where your guests can mingle.

Before you begin to search for tent accessories and furniture for your upcoming wedding, you’ll most likely ask for recommendations from family and friends. Nearly half of the people planning this celebratory event are able to find just the right wedding professional and services this way.

While 93% of brides use the Internet to plan their wedding, they also benefit from having assistance from a wedding planner, which includes working closely with just the right quality rental company. Since you want everything to be perfect, having a wedding professional provide guidance and suggestions can streamline the planning process. Since these companies have experience with wedding and other event planning, they will be able to assist you with figuring out which tables, chairs, linens, and other necessary items you will need.

When you’re planning a backyard wedding and reception, wedding rentals are particularly invaluable.Tent accessories and furniture may both be on your list for the ceremony and reception. When you need tent accessories and furniture, it’s a good idea to rent these and other items from the same company. In addition to renting other types of decorative items, you can rent these elegant linens:

  • Table cloths
  • Table runners
  • Napkins
  • Sashes
  • Chair covers

Whether you plan to tie the knot at an exotic location or in the familiar comfort of your own backyard, it will all come together perfectly with the right planning. After you cross all the items of your list, you can focus on the excitement that’s building for this special day.

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