Time for a Permanent Vacation?

Key west beach homes

A Key West realtor knows a lot about the historic island and the areas that people might want to take up residence on it. There is, for instance, the Old Town area in Key West. This area includes restaurants, shops and other areas that are of a lot of interest to tourists in the area. Key West condos in this area will be expensive, but it might be possible to get a short term lease on one of the Old town key west real estate houses.

In addition, Key West has many additional places of interest that a Key West realtor can introduce people do. For instance, there are three forts from the Civil War area on the island. During the Civil War, in spite of being the Southernmost point in the United States, it was controlled by the North.

Key West is also home to the world’s third largest coral reef which basically means that Key west homes are neighbors with one of the largest living things in the world. The coral reef is over 150 miles long, much longer than anything in Key West is high. The highest point in Key West, in fact, is only 18 feet above sea level.

Key West can be a great place for people to take a vacation or to buy a home if they are thinking about retirement. And it is for this reason that people should consider speaking to a Key West realtor if they want to get away for a weekend or two. A Key West realtor can be one of the best people to speak with if someone wants to have a tropical home and these Key West realtors know their communities well. It is for this reason that people will probably continue to give their realtor a call when they are looking to take a vacation, even a permanent one. Helpful sites: key-west-real-estate.net

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