Three Tips For An Awesome Summer Barbeque!

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It may be winter now, but if you are like millions of other Americans you are already looking forward to summer. Mainly because summer, to you and your family, means barbeques, pool parties, yard games, and lots of quality time spent with loved ones. In order to gear up for summer, you’ll have to assess your inventory of important summer items. Below are just a few to make sure not to forget:

1. The Grill – What do you think when you look at the current propane grill in your backyard? Can you make it through another year of barbeques or are you in need of a new gas grill for this upcoming summer season? Gas grills in this country are extremely popular. In fact, 80% of households own some sort of outdoor barbecue, like a grill or smoker. If you decide that you do need a new gas grill make sure to call around to several stores so that you know you are getting the best possible price. By asking about warranties and upcoming sales you will hopefully get a great deal on your new gas grill.

2. The Patio Furniture – Studies show that the industry creating outdoor furniture is growing and that nearly 85% of American households planned on upgrading their outdoor furniture in 2015 alone. Patio furniture is a must if you want to host an awesome barbeque this summer. Having places for your guests to sit and enjoy the food you grilled just adds to the entire experience. Patio furniture sets are a great way to make sure you have everything you need from tables and chairs to benches and swings. Dust off your current patio furniture and see if you need to buy a few new pieces to go with that new gas grill.

3. The Entertainment – Think back to the best backyard barbeque you’ve ever been to, and what comes to mind? There was probably great food, cold drinks, beautiful weather, and some sort of interactive entertainment. Yard games are popular at barbeques because they are a great way to include several people at once. In recent years games like bean bag toss (also known as cornhole), washers, and ladder ball have been crowd favorites. People love them so much at barbecues and tailgates that there are leagues popping up all over the country! The great thing about yard games is that you can often make your own set by looking up a guide online.

Did you know that nearly 85% of adults in America said they typically host or attend a barbecue on the Fourth of July? That’s a lot of barbeques! When you are preparing to host your first backyard bash of the year be sure to have a great gas grill, plenty of patio furniture, and entertainment that everyone will love. With this lineup your barbeque is sure to be a crowd favorite!

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