The Type Of Furniture You Own Says A Lot About You The Classic Appeal Of Handmade Wooden Furniture

Your furniture means a lot to you. Think about the last time you had to replace a worn out sofa or were considering getting a new side table. Was it easy selling the one you had?

We tie our soul and personality into the things we own. When you’re tired of throwing out worn-out furniture and want to keep your purchase around in the long-term, it’s time to go traditional. Amish furniture is a classic staple that’s enjoyed steady success for centuries, characterized by handmade wood and beloved around the country for its longevity. You can commission a traditional pergola to grace your garden for decades to come. You can look into Amish built barns or Amish chicken coops to give your farm a more homely feel.

End the cycle of cheap furniture. Here’s what you should know about custom Amish creations.

The History Of Amish Furniture In America

The United States is home to a seemingly endless bounty of artistic history. Amish furniture has been beloved since the early 1900’s due to its rustic appearance and emphasis on quality over quantity. Early American folk art had begun to see more and more attention, thanks to art collectors and historians bringing many of these small businesses to attention. Today you can easily find a traditional pergola or Amish cupola in someone’s backyard, with orders as easy as an online application. Your furniture shouldn’t just fill up space, but make you feel more comfortable at home.

Enjoying Beautiful Hand-Crafted Wooden Creations

What’s the Amish difference? It’s all in the materials. The vast majority of Amish furniture, from the traditional pergola to the Amish built shed, is made from one of the following five types of wood — you have oak, hickory, cherry, walnut, and maple. Everything from the color to the texture is carefully cultivated to make your furniture a one-of-a-kind creation. A recent survey found a majority 90% of respondents stating they plan on keeping their wooden furniture for at least 15 years.

A Long Shelf Life That Only Gets Better With Age

You shouldn’t spend your hard-earned money on a product that just breaks down in a few months. You want to enjoy your chicken coop, garden shed, or pergola to the fullest. You might even pass it down to your children. A common rule-of-thumb is that a wooden shed should last at least 20 years, maybe even longer with maintenance (such as covering it during a storm). A survey of over 2,000 consumers found the vast majority at 95% stating they expect furniture to last for many years.

Today’s Attitude Toward Furniture And Personal Belongings

More Americans are finding themselves caught between nostalgia and convenience. Many want furniture that’s of a good cost, but are also tired of cheap materials forcing them back into the store. Amish furniture more than pays for itself in pure longevity, lasting for decades with minimal maintenance due to putting quality first. A survey asking consumers about their thoughts on furniture found 75% of respondents stating that the design of a person’s belongings says a lot about who they are. What does your furniture say about you?

Crafting Your Custom Amish Furniture Order

A traditional pergola made out of cherry wood or a charming Amish dog kennel can be yours with a simple order. It takes around eight weeks to either build or customize Amish furniture, with 12 to 16 weeks to order when you apply online. When purchasing a shed or a similar creation it’s recommended you add an extra 25% on top of your storage needs. This is helpful in case you change your mind in the future. Little details, such as the type of wood you want or any inlays, can also be specified.

Keep your furniture close to your heart. Add a traditional pergola or Amish horse barn to your life and enjoy it for years to come.

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