The Top 4 Benefits of Repairing Basement Cracks and Leaks

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What do you think about your basement? Do you hate it? Is it creepy? Does it smell bad? Do you dread going down there? If you answered “yes” to any of the last four questions, then it’s time to rethink the way you think about your basement! Although it’s easy to completely forget about your basement and its maintenance, especially if it’s not finished, the foundation of your home plays an integral role in the overall safety and health of your entire household. As such, staying on top of foundation repair and maintenance, which includes fixing basement cracks and leaks and general basement waterproofing, is an essential part of making your home a healthier, happier, and safer place.

It can be incredibly easy to slip into an “out of sight, out of mind” approach when it comes to basement maintenance, especially when it comes to preventing or repairing basement cracks and leaks. But once major problems related to basement water leaks and having a wet basement arise down the road, you’ll wish you were more diligent about foundation repair services and home waterproofing sooner rather than later! Procrastinating when it comes to foundation repairs and foundation sealing is a must and has several long term benefits that are well worth the initial effort.

Take a look at these examples of why fixing basement cracks and leaks is so important and how you and your property will benefit from it on the long run.

Lower energy costs

Heating and cooling costs make up a large portion of the expense of owning a home, so finding ways to reduce these costs can save homeowners just like you a lot of money while also reducing the environmental impact of a home. Although it may not seem obvious at first, but repairing basement cracks and leaks can actually make your home more energy efficient and reduce energy costs. This is because fixing basement cracks and leaks will seal any areas in which air can escape and moisture can find its way in. During the cooling season, repairing basement cracks and leaks prevents air conditioned air from escaping and during the heating season, it keeps cold air out and toasty warm air in.

Protect your health and the health of your household

You might think that mold colonies take years and years to develop, however toxic mold growths can form in as little as two days in the right environment. Moisture, poor air circulation, and a lack of light can create a perfect storm in your basement when it comes to providing an ideal environment for mold growth. Mold in your basement doesn’t just stay there either. It can wreak havoc on the health of your entire household, causing problems such as inflammation, headaches, difficulty breathing, running noses, sneezing, coughing, and itchy eyes and skin. Some of these symptoms can be mild while others may be more severe in people allergic or sensitive to mold. Staying on top of repairing basement cracks and leaks ensures your basement stays dry and free of mold.

Protect your investment or improve upon it

If your home is really your castle, wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power in order to protect it and maintain its integrity? Taking care of the foundation of your home, especially by preventing basement leaks and cracks, goes a long way in terms of protecting the large investment you made when you purchased your home. It makes no sense to decorate your home and maintain its aesthetics if the very foundation on which it sits is falling apart! Furthermore, having a finished basement can go a long way in terms of increasing its value.

And protect your other investments too

A lot of people use their basement like a garage in terms of extra storage space. But a leaking, damp, and drafty basement can wreak havoc on your stuff and may damage them irreparably. A dry basement that’s free of harmful humidity and moisture ensures your stuff will remain clean, dry, and mold free.

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