The 4 Most Common Occasions that Call for Flowers

Why get flowers delivered? It’s a fair question. Flowers are one of the most abundant and beautiful gifts we can give to someone else. There are all sorts of reasons we give flowers to each other, whether it be to make a good impression on a first date or to show appreciation to a loved one. And these are the five most common occasions that (usually) call for flowers.

Mother’s Day

When it comes to Mother’s Day, flower power really blooms. It is estimated that the flowers purchased for Mother’s Day alone accounts for nearly one-fourth of all the flower sales for all holidays. Flowers are one of the most popular gifts for this particular holiday, with an approximate 67% of people choosing to buy their mother flowers as a gift. That’s a lot of different arrangements to choose from.


Speaking of arrangements, weddings are the next largest occasion requiring flowers, although not as gifts. These are simply used in numerous arrangements to add to the theme or overall color scheme of the event. The floral arrangements and other miscellaneous flowers, such as those for the flower girl, make up somewhere between 7% and 8% of the average wedding budget. That’s a lot of money going towards these flowers, and that’s not the only occasion we like to see them for ourselves.

Anniversaries and Valentine’s Day

When it comes to significant others, flowers are one of the most popular gift choices yet again, with florists citing Valentine’s Day as the busiest time of the year for them. But why get flowers delivered instead of giving them yourself? That’s definitely an option, but if you won’t see your significant other until later in the day or maybe even in the week, why not surprise them with a flower delivery at the office or at their front door? Even if’s your 12th anniversary, it’s still a nice gesture.


Milestones and achievements are another great reason to send flowers. This could include graduations, job promotions, engagements, a new addition to the family, as well as making it through a surgery. These are all important and perfectly appropriate reasons to send flowers to someone. It will certainly bring a smile to their face to know that you’re thinking about them.

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