Tent and Chair Rental Options for Weddings Provide Comfort and Style

Wedding and party rentals

Your wedding was small. Your reception was even smaller.
It is likely, however, that your two daughters’ wedding and reception plans will not.
Although 27 years ago you were married in a small service at a small church that you had just joined a few months earlier, your daughters have been part of a vibrant congregation at a much larger church and have attended many weddings at that location. And although your wedding reception was a simple affair at an apartment clubhouse where you simply served beer, punch, cake, and a few other finger foods, your daughters have seen larger events. In fact, they seem to be creating a growing list of the best ideas that they have seen for receptions at graduations, weddings, and other celebrations.
In fact, your 14-year-old daughter has already determined that her wedding colors will likely be pink and gold. And although she has many other elaborate dreams, she is certain that all the groomsmen will be wearing Converse sneakers.
Tent and Chair Rental Choices Include a Variety of Styles and Prices
A combination of attending events and perusing social media sites can lead to some very extensive dreams and plans for weddings, graduations, and other celebrations. And while parents sometimes sit back during the initial planning stage, the logistics of reserving tent and chair rentals is something that can often be easily decided early in the planning process. whether you are looking for unique and attractive light up LED furniture for backyard parties, summer BBQ’s, graduation events, Sweet Sixteen birthday celebrations, retirement parties, or weddings, seating is key to every gathering. And while simple white folding chairs or stackable black chairs may constitute the majority of the guest seating, it is also fun to create conversation areas with other unique options.
Party equipment rentals include everything from chairs and tables to outdoor dance floor rental options. In fact, if you or your son or daughter can dream it, it is very likely that a rental company can provide all of the options you need to create the ideal setting for your celebration. Luckily, one of the best things about the tent and chair rental options is that they are a known expense that can be payed for well in advance of the other unexpected party or wedding details. Reserved weeks or months in advance, consumers have time to shop around and look for the best pricing, delivery, and pick up options.
Outdoor Tents Can Help Set the Mood for an Event
When many people think of outdoor tents they likely envision a basic white canopy. The choices, however, are far more extensive. While customers used to think of tents as a shelter from rain in the event the weather was less than ideal for a backyard celebration, in reality the tents themselves provide many other purposes. For instance, tents with drop sides, combined with space heater options, can actually allow an outdoor event to continue as planned even of the temperatures are colder than expected. Tents, used with large temporary floors, can create a receptions dinner space that easily transforms into a dance area. Trendy sailcloth tents often include stringed lightening options that create a romantic setting for wedding celebrations and anniversary parties. These nautical-inspired sailcloth tents are created from a white translucent sailcloth material, making them both durable and waterproof. With natural wooden poles, rounded ends and beautiful peaks, this tent option creates a unique appearance that can be enjoyed up close and admired from a distance.
Decisions About Tent and Chair Rental Are Often Determined by the Number of Guests

  • How many guests have you invited?
  • How long will the event last?
  • How long will it take to set up the event? Do you need the chairs and tables delivered the morning of the event, or the day before?
  • Did your invitation include an ending time, or is the event’s ending open?
  • Will the food and drink services be under the tent or will that be a stand alone location with its own awning?
  • Will conversation areas be located away from the tented area?

Planning a wedding or other celebration involves hundreds of details. The tent and seating options, however, are decisions that can be made and paid for early in the planning process.

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