Public vs Private Which Type of Education is Right For Your Child?

Coral gables kindergarten

It may be just the start of summer, but it?s never too early to be thinking about school for your young children. One thing to consider is the choice between public and private schools.

Advantages of private schools
Whether we?re talking about private preschool, kindergarten, or grade school, one thing always stands out: smaller class size. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, private schools tend to be twice as small as public schools. Therefore, many experts believe that children are more likely to get the attention they need to succeed in the private school setting. As many as 36% of private schools have a student-teacher ration of about 10:1 or lower, compared to only 10% for public schools. Smaller class sizes also foster a sense of community, which is beneficial to a child?s social and emotional development.

In private schools, teachers are often more focused on instruction because they are not bogged down by piles of state-mandated paperwork. Because state regulations do not apply, teachers are also less concerned with standardized test scores, allowing them more autonomy and creativity in their teaching methods.

Advantages of public schools
Because of strict state regulations, public school teachers are usually required to have more qualifications in order to be hired. For example, public school teachers are more likely to have a master?s degree. They are also required to teach a very specific curriculum, so students spend more time studying core subjects like English, math, social studies, and science. This can sometimes give them a competitive edge when it comes time to apply to college.

The student population in public schools is usually more diverse than in private schools because, due to the cost of tuition, a private education is often out of reach for students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Thus, public school students learn alongside individuals from all races, ethnicities, and financial situations.

Your values and your goals for your children will help you determine which type of education is best for your kids.

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