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Home building process timeline

There are many statistics to be associated with home building that are important. They are:

  • Percent of repeat buyers with household incomes of $200,000 or more: 8%
  • Percent of buyers who bought homes priced $500,000 and more: 10%
  • 70% homeowners said they would be willing to pay more on central air conditioning.
  • Regardless of your kitchen?s size or layout, the sum of all the legs in a work triangle should be between 10 and 25 feet.
  • An island should be at least 4 feet long and 2 feet deep, but it also must have room for people to move and work around it.
  • An average hallway width is between two and a half to a little over three feet wide.
  • Of the single-family homes completed in 2015: 66,000 had two bedrooms or less and 282,000 had four bedrooms or more.

These are many statistics that are important. It’s important to know the preferences of home buyers, what they want, how they want it, what kinds of things they want in a home, how much money they’re spending on a home, and why things like hallway space and islands in the kitchen are important.

There are many that believe a home is an investment. Homes cost thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars. There is a down payment, which costs money, often tens of thousands, and then a monthly payment to be paid off, something that accrues with interest.

Houses are supposed to lead to wealth but it is possible they don’t. Fall property values, a buyer’s market, and other factors influence whether someone will sell their home for a profit. Add in a high interest rate and a person might find themselves in the red by thousands.

Property values are important. A house in a bad neighborhood will have a lesser value and a home in a better neighborhood. On the flip swing, if a bad neighborhood turns a little better, this will raise property values. But if a good neighborhood starts decreasing in value, the property values will decrease.

Thereby, finding the right property to purchase depends on analyzing demand for the property, what the demand will be in the future, and how much the property is worth currently. A person with a negative credit rating might want to work on getting their credit rating better before trying to purchase.

This is because the interest rate will be higher with a lower credit score. If a person has a higher credit score, they will have a lower interest rate.

A person may buy a home for more than just the property value, however, and the fact that it is an investment. A person might buy a house because it is a place for a family, for kids, for pets. A person might buy a house for the additional space compared to an apartment, for the yard, for the other parts of the property.

A person doesn’t have to be a real estate investor to buy a property. In fact, most likely aren’t. The goal is to get a property that is valuable, that will increase in value, that is an area of demand that will continue to grow in demand, thereby allowing it to be sold at a higher price.

A person can be a regular homeowner who looks at a house as an investment, not just in terms of the monetary value but in terms of having his kids a place to live, his wife a place to sleep, his dogs a place to run and more.

For instance, if a person is in a better mood because his kids are happier will likely be more productive at work, make more connections, and climb higher in the career ladder.

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Home builders are important. Finding the right home builders can be a difficult process for one who is new to home buying. Home builders should know how the process works, what will be required for the process, and more. Home builders should be helpful in the process.

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