Learn More About the Benefits of Storing Your Belongings in a Self-Storage Facility

Many Americans choose to store some of their belongings in units owned by private self storage companies. There was a 65% increase in using these rental units between the years of 1995 to 2012. As of 2012, however, approximately one out of every ten adults rented one or more of these units. Current estimates indicate that there are 2.3 billion square feet of available storage space located within the United States.

The Benefits of Having a Vehicle Storage Unit

There are different types of storage solutions available for people to keep a variety of possessions. This includes professional vehicle storage spaces for boats, cars, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. Since these vehicles are valuable and can all take up a considerable amount of space, it makes sense to store them until needed.

When someone lives in an area that experiences heavy weather, for example, storing vehicles can protect them from sustaining damage. Keeping these vehicles in storage prevents them from rusting and sustaining water and other types of damage. Furthermore, when recreational vehicles are kept outside during inclement weather, they will usually require additional maintenance before being used again. Since this can be both time-consuming and expensive, storing them instead makes sense.

Desirable Features for Storage Units

Drive-up access is one of the desirable features for a professional storage unit. This convenient option makes it easier to load and unload items and eliminates the need to walk up stairs or for long distances. Another important feature is that renters will have a personal and private unit to store their belongings. High-quality storage unit facilities will also have extra security in the form of electronic gates. In some instances, they may also have other security measures in place, such as security cameras and guards.

Contact a Self-Storage Facility to Learn More

Since there may be several self storage companies located in your area, you want to locate one that provides the aforementioned features as well as excellent customer service. Once you locate a self storage unit that appeals to you, it’s important to inspect it thoroughly. You want to make sure that it’s clean, dry, and otherwise well-maintained. It’s also important to choose a storage unit where you can conveniently access your belongings throughout the entire week. When you meet with a customer service representative to discuss your storage needs, they will be able to provide you with additional information about their facility and rental rates.

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