How to Plan the Perfect Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Birthday parties are special moments to spend time with friends and family. Celebrating a birthday party should fit your budget and style. Getting professional birthday party services will assist you in getting the best ideas when planning such an event.

The services help you get birthday direct party supplies. Advancement in technology has made it easy and quick to get birthday decoration online. The availability of birthday decoration websites provides birthday decoration kit online.

On the websites, you can also determine the quality of services the professional offers. The review section on the websites gives access to the feedback of previous customers. Read through the comments given to determine the company’s suitability in the planning of your birthday party.

Find out the services offered by the planning company. There are companies with the provision of the printing of custom shirts for the special event. Make the day memorable by choosing the right way to mark the day. Get birthday party ideas across different ages and genders.

Allocate enough budgets to spend on the birthday needs such as decoration, food, entertainment, and getting a suitable venue—research various birthday party options and ideas as you analyze the benefits and importance of the options available.

Party equipment rentals

As times change, so do parental expectations. In the past, parents would throw their children standard birthday parties with balloons, a cake, and some type of organized party activity. The bigger milestone birthdays, like ages 13, 16, or 21 might include more guests or be moved to an entertaining venue. Today however, the bar for the sweet 16 birthday party has been raised. Children expect an over the top celebration. The idea of turning 16 is an important transition into adulthood and requires a bigger celebration. With these sweet 16 birthday planning tips, you will satisfy your teen?s wishes and desires for this important event.

Request a guest list

Your teen will probably want to invite all of their friends from school. They may even want to pass on invites to coworkers or extended friends of friends. Request a guest list, so you know exactly who to invite. Also, having a requested guest list before planning can be helpful in knowing how large of a venue and how much food and beverages are needed. Don?t forget to add your own guests to the list. Many teens are okay with having family members also present to celebrate this important birthday milestone.

Hire an event planner, if needed

If the idea of planning a large scale party intimidates you, consider using the services of a professional event planner. Planning a party involves organizing hundreds of details, from invitations to decorations, food, and activities. Each of these individual details needs to be carefully considered. If you are hosting the birthday party, you will also want to incorporate any of the birthday person?s likes to truly personalize the party.

Choose a location

The location of the party is not as important as the decorations, food, and activities. However, you will want to ensure that you select something large enough to hold all of the invited guests. A backyard party can be a perfect location for a sweet 16 birthday party, but you will need to ensure that you have tent and chair rentals and linen rentals. You will also want to account for where the food will be served and how it will stay hot. If the entire party will be in the backyard, consider installing an outdoor dance floor rental for additional entertainment.

Remember decorations

Decorations are really what customize an event. If you want plan a personalized and unique sweet 16 birthday party, think of your teen?s likes and dislikes. Plan the decorations or the theme of the party around these likes. Remember that tent and chair rentals are just the base of the decorations. You can add in balloons or colored streamers in their favorite color or sports team. If they have a favorite celebrity, consider using decorations to match this celebrity into the tent and chair rentals.

You can also decorate the tent and chair rentals with upscale linens for an upscale and modern overall look. Sailcloth tents, for example, are very popular right now. When you see a sailcloth tent, you get the illusion as if it is floating on air. Its clean crisp lines and lightweight fabric give you the feeling of floating under a parachute. Pair the sailcloth tent with modern all white chair rentals. Encourage guests to wear their evening best. The decorations and attire will make for great photographs.

Plan entertainment

Most guests will forget the food that was served. Some might forget the decorations of the event. However, the one thing that people tend to remember the most is the evening?s entertainment. Backyard tent rentals are usually large enough for party equipment. Consider hiring a DJ or live band. Bring in a rented photo booth for fun photographs. Allow friends to sing or dance for entertainment. Attempt to mix up the entertainment as much as possible.

A sweet sixteen is a coming of age party celebrating a girl?s sixteenth birthday in North America, primarily in the United States and Canada. Some boys also participate in the sweet sixteen birthday party celebration. Make this important event perfect for your teen by preparing and carefully planning the event. Consider the location, decorations, and activities of the guests.

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