How To Find the Right Linen

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In the year of 2016, the sales of organic non-food products in the United States went up by nearly 9%. Now, the average person will probably ask themselves what does this even mean? While some people will over think this answer, the explanation that lies behind why sales went up for these items is quite simple.

Across the United States, consumers care more about the environment and about social causes than ever before. This is in part thanks to a lot of the Millennial shoppers that exist in this country that really place value in the types of causes a brand will be involved with when they go to buy a product. As a result, people are looking to buy products that have a strong reputation for being involved in doing the right thing.

There was a poll that was conducted recently amongst Millennial shoppers and the products that they buy. This poll revealed that 38% of all 1,000 Millennial shoppers stated that they would respond positively to environmentally friendly products. As a result, people are now. trying to find organic and environmentally friendly linen. Here is how people can find the right type of linen for their home.

Finding the right types of bedding and the right sheet set is so incredibly important and that is why people want high-quality linen. This is because sleep is incredibly important to many Americans. Understand that newborn babies will sleep anywhere between 10 to 18 hours a day because sleep is vital to the growth of the baby and their overall health.

Sleep experts recommend that people get anywhere between seven to nine hours of sleep each night. While this is the recommended amount of sleep, unfortunately, most people do not get this amount of sleep. As a matter of fact, across the nation, just about 42% of all adults will get less than seven hours of sleep which falls just short of the recommended amount. Getting the right type of linen can definitely help people get more sleep.

The group Unilever conducted a study that was international and gathered the opinions of consumers over the past couple of years. This study revealed that one-third of all consumers involved said that they currently buy from brands in part based on the type of social and environmental impact that they have. So again, finding the right type of linen for most people deals with sustainable organic cotton and the impact this brand has on the environment.

People are able to buy even bath towels that are made of linen if they are truly looking to have the highest form of comfort in their lives. This is pretty normal for people to do because they truly believe that they deserve the highest quality form of material for themselves and their household. So there is no rush looking for linen products.

According to the National Sleep Foundations’ Bedroom, 85% of all people rated a comfortable feel for their sheets and bedding as important to their night of sleep. So for many citizens, they believe that they want to find linen sheets that are of the highest quality so that they can truly get a good night of sleep. However, most people know very little about getting the highest quality of linen. Here. is a tip, if anyone wants durable linen they should find any percale that features a thread count between 200 to 800.

In Conclusion

Even though finding the right type of linen is no easy task, there is no need for a consumer to make this process difficult. As a matter of fact, most people can find a good to get the right linen somewhere online. There is no question that someone has created some sort of guide to getting the right thread count amount and what the thread count means in terms of quality for products that are made out of linen.

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