How to design your own wrought iron decor and furniture

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The term wrought comes from an ancient term to work. Wrought iron therefore means that the wrought iron furniture is a piece of work. It was during the third century BC, in several countries like China, the Mediterranean and India, when wrought iron started to be used as tools and weapons. Over the years, wrought iron has become synonymous with wrought iron furniture. More and more wrought iron furniture came about, such as wrought iron bar stools, wrought iron beds, wrought iron chairs and other wrought iron decor. They became the choice furniture among homeowners and even commercial establishment owners. This is because of its durability and quality. Durability and craftsmanship are the things that give wrought iron furniture its value. And when it comes to kitchenware, you can find a lot of wrought iron pieces, such as the common pot racks, serveware, wine racks and cabinet.

From the 30s to the 70s, wrought iron furniture gained popularity and has since then became part of many homes and commercial establishments. This is not surprising since it is quite malleable and can be created into different shapes or forms. Joining the parts is also very easy with simple spot or arc welding. You can therefore easily design a piece that suits your style. This is also the reason why many artists started producing wrought iron furniture pieces. There was John B. Salterini who designed beautiful pieces. Then during the 50 even the Museum of Modern Art featured wrought iron furniture pieces in their very first Good Design Show. The pieces or sets were made by famous artists such as Van Keppel Green and Eero Saarinen. Their works practically demonstrated why wrought iron furniture are not just for indoor areas but are perfect for indoor rooms. They collectively brought inside the home what was once considered as exclusively outdoor furniture. And what they showed is that when it comes to wrought iron furniture, there are no boundaries. Wrought iron furniture can vary in design or style. It can be modern, classic, ornate or rustic.

With the unique qualities of wrought iron, you might want to try your hand at creating your own pieces. You can start with a simple decorative piece for your room and then work your way up to large pieces. And the best thing about this is that you do not need to have the talent in drawing or sculpting. What you should do therefore is to find an inspiration. An inspiration can be anything. For example, you can start with fruits. From there you can create fruit basket in the form of a banana. Then eventually you can do a little alteration on your banana design and use that as a lounge chair. All you have to do in this case is to find a company that do custom wrought iron decor and furniture to create your idea.

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