Freedom How Condominium Owners are Utilizing Three Design Asthetics to Transform Their Condos Into Homes

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A condominium is a special type of home where the condo owner in fact only owns the interior of a unit; the exterior is owned and maintained by the building owner. This ultimately means that condo owners need not worry about exterior maintenance, making the task of furnishing a condo even more pertinent. Before planning furniture in a room, it is advised that condo owners measure the room ahead of time to know the dimensions and limitations of furniture. Since many condominiums are on scenic, beach front property, there are a number of useful ideas for furnishing a condo. Here are three interior design
tips for furnishing a condominium and turning it into a home.

Coastal Style

One of the most popular design choices for condos is the costal or beach style. This aesthetic utilizes light, breezy colors and fabrics to simulate or accent an oceanic lifestyle. In order to effectively pull off the coastal style, condo owners ought to use sheer, lightweight curtains in order to keep the airy effect of coastal winds flowing throughout their entire home. Accent pieces including sea grass, driftwood textures, sandy neutrals, sea blues, and sea glass can only add to the design which ought to be light, natural, and relaxing in nature.

American Classical

There is no substitute for historical pieces; this is the design philosophy behind American classical. By utilizing rich furniture pieces made of leather in conjunction with an abundance of naturally aged wood, condo owners can create a robust yet traditional atmosphere for themselves and their guests. Reclaimed wood from old furniture, buildings, bridges, and other old structures can be used as accent pieces or in the creation of new furniture complete with a history behind it. In particular, barn wood furniture is extremely sought after, as its aged wood has taken on a richness and patina of its own over the years.

Modern Aesthetic

Perhaps one of the fastest growing interior design aesthetics belongs to the modernist movement. Like modern art, modern furniture moves away from frivolous and extravagant design to create a minimalistic yet functionally-sound design. By utilizing straight, clean lines, bold colors, and simple fabrics, modern furniture works together to create a coherent whole that works perfectly for condominium owners. Even within the modern design substratum there is plenty of room for condo owners to add personality to rooms. A growing number of furniture stores are specializing in modern furniture design with accents to compliment nearly any room.

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