Four Upsides to Awkward Family Photos

Awkward family christmas photos

Are you a secret fan of awkward family pictures? Most of us like to complain about how ridiculous these pictures look, yet the reality is that some of us are actually producing these images with our families. What gives? Here are some funny upsides to having awkward family pictures.

First, you make people laugh. How is this not important? Sweater vests are funny. They are even more funny when six people, of different ages, are wearing them in a row for a picture. Awkward family Christmas photos are a gift of laughter you give to others.

Second, funny holiday pictures are memorable. Sure, if you had everyone pose nicely at a beach next to a sandcastle, it would be cute. But who is going to remember that when they received a card from a family who all dressed up like snowmen together? I would appreciate the pretty photo, but the snowman picture is what I would tell my friends about and keep on my refrigerator a little longer.

Third, awkward family pictures tell a story about your life. It might be weird to others that you all dressed up like the Kardeshian family, but one day you will look back at that photo and smile, remembering a time when Kim, Kanye and their baby were the most talked about social story of the year.

Fourth, if you ever need ideas for family pictures, it is incredibly easy when what you are trying to accomplish awkward family portraits. All you have to do is think of an embarrassing moment, and embellish it. Did your neighbor once see you gardening in your Star Trek costume? Have the whole family dress like Star Trek characters!

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