Five Reasons to Put Dog Agility Courses in Your Park

Whether you’re planning a commercial playground or just looking for a way to entertain your dog at home, dog agility equipment kits are a great way to take advantage of outdoor space for the benefit of our four-legged friends. Dog park agility equipment has the same purpose as dog agility equipment kits that you can buy for your own home. The difference is that not every dog owner has the yard room to put up their own dog agility equipment kits. Commercial playground equipment can, however, include dog agility areas that everyone in the neighborhood can use. There are a lot of good reasons to provide a dog agility area for people and their pets. Here are just a few of them.

  1. You strengthen community bonds. When people see that local parks and recreational areas meet their needs, they stay more engaged in their community and make for better local citizens and better neighbors. Dogs are very important to their owners. Your neighborhood will be a more attractive place with the right dog agility equipment kits in the public spaces.
  2. Agility is great exercise for dogs. A lot of the problems that occur with dogs in any neighborhood comes down to a lack of exercise. Busy people, especially those with no yard space, can be hard pressed to find enough time to walk their dogs often and long enough to get rid of their excess energy. Running through a course and jumping over, passing through, and going around the various obstacles is a challenge to the mind and the body of a dog. It improves coordination and strength and enables them to get rid of that excess energy that is so often behind neighborhood canine spats.
  3. Agility is great exercise for people, too. The people in your neighborhood probably need more exercise. Nearly every person in America needs more exercise! One of the reasons that public parks exist is for the health and welfare of the people. People can get a lot of excellent exercise by walking their dogs, but agility training courses require them to run alongside the dog and bend up and down to help dogs jump, weave, and crawl. People who are otherwise unmotivated to exercise suddenly find themselves highly motivated as they see the joy dog agility equipment kits can bring to their furry friends.
  4. Agility courses strengthen the human/dog bond. While a lack of exercise is one big reason communities experienced trouble with their dogs, there are other reasons behind dog attacks and fights. One of them is a lack of connection between owners and their dogs. Owners who do not provide leadership leave dogs unsure of how to behave in a given situation. Instead of looking to their owner for direction when they’re confused, startled, afraid, or threatened, they just do whatever comes naturally. Running a dog through an agility course forces is the dog to pay attention to the hand and voice instructions of its owner. This increases trust and connection. This bonding activity is good for everyone in the whole community.
  5. Agility courses help dogs fulfill their natural desires. One final reason for fights and problems with dogs in a human community is that the dogs are bored and unfulfilled. They were never meant to lay around all day in an air-conditioned apartment. They want to hunt. They want to chase. They want to run and play, and in the wild, they would run over and through all kinds of barriers in order to chase their prey. Dog agility equipment kits are designed to mimic these natural barriers. As dogs learn to go through, over, and under, they’re fulfilling their natural instincts. Fulfilled and entertained dogs are far less likely to cause trouble.

As you consider all the park playground equipment you want to put in your public spaces, don’t forget to look for dog agility equipment kits. You’ll be doing good for the whole community, both human and canine.

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