Five Office Design Tips to Increase Productivity

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The layout and design of your office and workspace are more important to productivity than you might think. If you are uncomfortable with the furnishings in your office, you and your employees work results are likely to decrease. These tips will help you increase overall work motivation and production in the office.

Put a lot of thought into the layout of the office

There have been many studies on the best layout for optimal work productivity. However, it really depends on the type of business and what type of work is expected. For example, if your business relies on constant teamwork, then it is best to have workspaces that are nearby one another. If employees are required to do much of their work alone, then workspace cubicles might be a better option. Consider how employees are expected to work and which type of layout is best.

Create many quiet spaces

Even the most team friendly of workspaces require some amounts of quiet time. Make sure you have plenty of space available to employees that need a little extra time to think. Some employees do their best work when they are alone. You can further encourage thought and productivity in this space by furnishing it with mid century modern office furniture and a good amount of lighting. Avoid dimmed lighting, as it can promote fatigue and boredom. This quiet space is also a good place to set up a coffee station.

Design a client friendly room

Most businesses also entertain clients. If you are going to be meeting with clients to discuss business, it is a good idea to have a room set up for just that purpose. You can design this room however you please, just try to fit it to the theme of the business. For example, a photography business might decorate the walls with images they have taken. They might also follow the rule of threes, as odd numbers of objects when decorating are more eye catching and interesting. An interior designing business might decorate the room with mid century modern office furniture to showcase their interior decorating skills. Make sure the seating is comfortable and the room is in a temperature controlled area of the office. You do not want your potential clients to be uncomfortable.

Avoid budget looking designs

Maybe your aunt is willing to give you her outdated furniture for free or you were able to find some office furniture at a garage sale for a cheap price. This may not always be the best idea. If a customer views the office as low cost or budget, they are less willing to pay the full asking price for your service or product. Creating a modern office space is a good idea when it comes to business offices because modern furniture often puts off a clean and smooth look. Mid century modern office furniture is also generic, fitting a wide variety of client?s furniture preferences.

Decorate your office as you would your home

When you decorate your home, you likely pay attention to style and comfort. These same characteristics are also important in an office. Your living room furniture probably matches your style preferences and because of this, your living room is a place that you feel comfortable. If you prefer rustic furniture, you likely have many rustic pieces throughout your house. Attempt to achieve the same level of comfort in your office. When you decorate with mid century modern office furniture, you will feel more comfortable, which in turn will make you happier at work and more productive overall. About 14% of Americans say their home furnishings make them feel gloomy and stressed. Avoid this in the office.

Furniture and furnishings store sales in the U.S. came to $106.78 billion in 2015. With many furniture options to choose from, it can be difficult to furnish your office. It is important to keep optimal productivity in mind. Go with an office design that is comfortable, clean, and appealing to both employees and clients.

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