Five Important Life Skills Kids Gain in Summer Camp

Summer can as well be called a rite of passage for many children, providing them with a unique opportunity to escape the daily routine of school and home life and immerse themselves in a world of fun, adventure, and new experiences. However, while the fun and games of summer camp are often the highlights of the experience, the benefits go far beyond simple recreation.

Research has shown that children who attend summer camp develop a wide range of skills that can help them succeed both in and out of the classroom. This is due to the fact that summer camp offers children the opportunity to learn teamwork, independence, and even develop problem-solving and leadership skills.

The specialty day camp lessons provide great opportunities for children with special needs to learn the bulk of these life skills, as there is typically a lot of room for collaboration and working together with fellow campers. These summer camp events are usually sponsored by camp foundations, and the summer enrichment staff camp is typically in charge of supporting these kids on camp.

If you’re wondering, “How long do summer camps last?”, it’s usually 9-10 weeks. During this entire period, your child will have the opportunity to have some fun and games, while also serving as a platform for personal growth and development.

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For decades, summer camp has a rite of passage for children across America. Singing songs around a bonfire. Making crafts, riding horses, and going on hikes with new friends. Playing sports and having adventures every single day. This is where we develop memories that we cherish all our lives. Anyone who has ever been to summer camp puts a high value on the amazing memories that they gained through the experience, and probably wants the same for their own children.

Sometimes, putting your child in summer camp gets pushed to the back burner while making other important parenting decisions, such as finding a good preschool or kindergarten for them. However, there are so many incredible skills gained through summer camp that make it beneficial for young children, and an opportunity you should not overlook. If you are on the fence about this decision, check out our list of benefits below.

Five Great Life Skills That Children Gain at Summer Camp

  1. Teamwork.

    Sometimes children can be tiny dictators. It is natural for them to have a “Me, me, me” outlook on life. At summer camp, kids gain a new perspective regarding working as a team. The benefits of developing relationships with other children and working together towards a common goal is more obvious at summer camp than it is at home, when they spend less time in a group setting. The sense of satisfaction that comes with being part of a team that succeeded is incredibly empowering for a child.
  1. Independence.

    Many times, summer camp is a first experience a child has away from the constant guidance of their parents. This gives them the opportunity to make decisions for themselves (with the oversight of other adults). While this can sometimes be difficult for a kid, it is rewarding and contributes to their development. The sense of independence that a child gains through summer camp helps them gain self-confidence that guides them throughout life.
  1. Open-mindedness.

    Summer camp puts the child in a variety of new positions, that might make them feel uncomfortable. Perhaps they are given responsibilities such as preparing food for other campers, taken on new adventures, or introduced to sleeping outdoors in a tent or cabin. Each of these new experiences give the child a new outlook, and the courage to try new things in life. Being put outside of their comfort zone helps the child grow in so many ways and translates into how they approach new situations throughout life.
  1. Relationship building.

    Many of a kid’s closest friends throughout their childhood come through their parents, either being the children of their parent’s friends, or friends their parent’s facilitated them meeting. Although these relationships are extremely valuable, gaining the ability to build relationships on their own, outside of their parents guidance, is extremely valuable for a child. It is not uncommon for the friendships forged at summer camp to be maintained for years to come. It also helps a child gain the ability to introduce themselves and bond with other people on their own.
  1. Acceptance

    Summer camps are often a melting pot for children of diverse backgrounds and walks of life. This gives a kid the chance to meet and make friends with other people they may never have crossed paths with otherwise. In addition to the great friendships this offers a kid, it gives them a new perspective and helps them develop sense tolerance for other people who are different than themselves that they will carry with them throughout their life.

While there are a lot of ways that a parent can help a child gain great life skills, putting them in summer camp is high on the list of beneficial experiences. At summer camp, a kid learns how to contribute to the common goal of a team. They gain the confidence and independence to make positive decisions for themselves. They learn the benefits of flexibility and trying new situations outside of their comfort zone. At summer camp, a child makes friends they’ll value for years, and learns how to build relationships on their own. They also gain a view of acceptance for people of diverse backgrounds. Most importantly, they’ll gain memories they cherish for the rest of their lives.

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