Express Your Love of the Ocean with Nautical Decor

Pirate decor

Are you a nautical collector? If you’re always on the look-out for items to decorate your home, office, clubhouse or all three, you probably have an ongoing wish list to expand your collection.

Do you have a replica diving helmet or any of these other nautical-themed items on your wish list?

    Antique diving helmets
    Armillary globe
    Armillary sphere
    Copper diving helmet
    Nautical barometer
    Nautical telescope
    Nautical wheel
    Navy diving helmet
    Porthole clock
    Ship figurehead
    Wall mounted bell

In addition to collecting and displaying your nautical items, such as your replica diving helmet, do you rearrange and otherwise update your decor on a regular basis? You may be interested to know that 47% of Americans haven’t updated their decor in over five years.

When you’re in the process of decorating or redecorating one or more of your spaces with nautical decor, you may want this theme to be carried throughout. If you have window treatments or furniture covered with anchors or life preservers, for example, you can further enhance this theme with an actual anchor in the room’s corner and a life preserver mounted on the wall.

Since you want your environment to reflect your taste and lifestyle, you may be curious about the style in which other Americans are decorating their spaces:

    Traditional: 44%
    Modern: 22%
    Eclectic: 13%
    Country: 10%
    Global: 2%

Whether your entire home reflects your love of the ocean or you have one special room decorated in this style, there are so many decorating options. If you’re one of the millions of people living along America’s coastlines, this alone may have inspired you to begin collecting nautical items.

In a recent survey, only one-in-five Americans said they felt happy with their home decor. While the reasons for this will vary from person-to-person, it also tends to reduce the amount of time they spend in their homes. The same survey showed that 36% of the participants spent five-and-eight waking hours in their homes every day while 26% spent 9-to-12 hours.

When you have a love of all-things nautical and decorate your home, office or other space in this style, chances are that you feel happy in these surroundings. Furthermore, you probably enjoy spending time at home just relaxing by yourself or entertaining guests.

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