Easy Tips For Donating Clothing to Charity

charities that pick up clothing

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to honor the memory of fallen services members than to show your continued appreciation and support for military families by making charitable donations. Americans are known not only for their hospitality but for their generosity as well. In fact, research has shown that the majority — 70% — of Americans donate to charity in some way each year in the United States.

While organizations that help military families will eagerly accept donations of any kind, clothing donations are especially important both for helping families in need and for the environment as well. On average, the typical American household discards roughly 68 pounds of clothing each year. While this may not seem like much, consider the fact that nearly 99% of clothing that is thrown away could have been recycled or reused in some way. Donating clothes not only helps others, but it also helps to reduce the accumulation of textile waste in landfills.

Charities that pick up clothing donations make the task of donating clothes easier than ever before. However, before you contact charities that pick up clothing donations, it’s important to first follow a few steps to ensure the charity, and ultimately the recipient, will receive the most out of your donation.

It’s important to ensure the clothes are clean. Even if they’ve been put away for some time, it’s a good idea to wash them. While dirty clothes will still be accepted, it only makes more work for the charity, or they will most likely use them as rags. However, by washing and folding your clothing donations, you increase the likelihood they’ll get where they need to be.

Also, keep in mind that while all kinds and styles of clothing are accepted, denim, shoes, outwear, and professional attire are typically considered hot-ticket items. In addition, you can even donate gently used bedding and towels.

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