Behind The Storage Industry In The United States

From boat storage to car storage to storage of other personal items, the need for storage facilities all throughout the United States is immense. In fact, every year the storage unit industry alone creates more than twenty million dollars worth of revenue and employs nearly two hundred thousand people in all places around the United States. There are now more than fifty thousand storage facilities offering storage units for rent or for sale throughout the country, and more than two billion feet of storage unit space currently available, though the demand is only growing.

There are many reasons to need a storage unit, from boat storage to inadequate storage space in your family home. As the typical home in the United States only has around twenty one square feet of total storage space, it is not uncommon for the average adult to need to search for additional storage options and supplements. Currently around ten percent of all American adults rent out or own a storage unit in a storage facility, and this total number is only projected to grow in the coming years as storage space becomes more and more highly sought after. In the less than twenty years between 1995 and 2012, for example, the number of adults seeking out storage units for additional storage space increased by as much as sixty five percent. In the nearly six years since, that percentage has continued to increase.

Renting out a self storage unit can also be ideal for boat storage or car storage. Storing your recreational vehicles is important during off seasons, as inadequate boat storage can result in unnecessary exposure to often harsh elements (particularly in places with considerable winters) and can lead to damage to the recreational vehicle. Aside from boat storage, many people will often choose to rent self storage units to store expensive cars that they do not plan on driving until the weather becomes nice again and hopefully less damaging. Boat storage and car storage can also help to declutter your home as a whole, creating space in lawns and driveways and adding to the overall curb appeal of your home and property.

When looking into storage solutions, either for boat storage or the storage of possessions that you have run out of room for, you must consider the type and quality of storage facilities that are available to you. For example, you should absolutely always only look seriously at storage units that are clean and secure. Some storage facilities will also be gated, adding an additional level of security to the storage of your possessions. The ideal storage facility is also open every day of the week, allowing you access to your belongings whenever you want. Drive up access to your storage unit is also ideal, as it allows you to pack up and unload belongings, transferring them in and out of your storage unit as frequently and as easily as possible.

Storage units are hugely useful in all places of the United States. The average resident of the United States has more possessions and belongings than ever before, but their typical storage space has not grown. Because of this, it often becomes necessary to rent a storage unit as a safe place to keep your extra belongings that you’ve run out of room for but aren’t yet willing to part with (if you ever will be). Renting a storage unit can also be ideal for boat storage during the cold and often damaging (to boats) winter months, and can help to keep your boat in pristine condition even when it is not in active use. Storage is important in the United States, and its important to peruse your options and review them carefully. The ideal storage unit facility is safe and clean as well as easily accessible and convenient, and you should not settle for a storage unit facility where you feel that your belongings will not be safe and well protected.

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